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  1. NickSGuil

    [Solved] Sierra Stuck at Fully Loaded Apple Logo z170x Gaming 7

    Hey Guys! Firstly i'd like to thank this forum for even existing. Secondly the situation... I've successfully built 4 Hackintosh for Music Production. The problem is with a Gigabyte z170 gaming 7 The Build was working perfectly smooth for a long time then it just died. first the windows...
  2. NickSGuil

    Won't boot after Siera update.

    My Hackintosh was working flawless until i updated with app store. now it just gets stuck at the apple. It boots in verbose but no video drivers. can't seem to log into the user
  3. NickSGuil

    First Attempt Hackintosh Gigabyte z170x-UD3 ULTRA Build

    Hey Guys, I'm new here to the forums and I'm happy to see how much I was able to learn from everyones trial and error to see if things work. So here I have built a pretty decent computer. Gigabyte z170x-UD3 ULTRA in an Antec NINE HUNDRED case Watercooled i7 6700k Clocked at 4.6ghz 8800gts (I...