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  1. nyoussefian

    Reboot opening simultaneously applications

    Hi everybody. I tested my hack opening avid final cut premiere media encoder after effects photoshop at the same time. And some apps reach to open but at some point the hack suddenly reboots. Is there anything I can do to track the issue ? Thanks a lot.
  2. nyoussefian

    dup>How to set ig-platform-id?

    How am I supposed to know if my internal GPU is working? I also have 4790k with Nvidia gtx 1080. On System information/graphic/displays, shows only gtx 1080. Thanks!
  3. nyoussefian


    Hi guys, I just wanted to recommend the GIGABYTE H370m DS3H for building a Hackintosh for the 8th generation of intel. The mother is awesomely compatible, no issues for entering the installer, or installing audio, network, USB. Just a few tricks and everything is working well. Ask me if you have...
  4. nyoussefian

    Lost my Hackintosh! Clover wont load.

    Hi guys. It is not the first time that this happens to me. I was working perfectly and I wanted to check some material on my usb external drive. So I inserted but he did not show up. seems that it is not working. I finished my day work shutting down hs. At the next day when I powered on the...
  5. nyoussefian

    LILU Kext, what´s for?

    Hi guys, I can't find the explanation for the lilu kext, in which cases is necessary to use it? thanks!
  6. nyoussefian

    EVGA GT 1030 working?

    hi guys, is this video card working with hackintosh? thanks
  7. nyoussefian

    EVGA GTX 980 SC, I know it can do more...

    Hi guys, I´m opening this thread cause I know my evga gtx 980 4gb sc can work better, I just don´t know how. My hack is working fine I'm on High sierra 10.13.4. I just feel the gpu can work quite better. I have the nvidia web drivers installed. Sometimes when minimaizing a window I can see that...
  8. nyoussefian

    [SOLVED] Z270 HD3 won´t boot whitout usb

    Hi guys, I need some help. I´m not being able to boot up high sierra. The installation runs flawlesly, not trouble getting in the installer. After running multibeast and installing uefi mode, alc887, ethernet intel, etc I can´t get into high sierra. Clover is soooooo slow and when I select OS...
  9. nyoussefian

    Can't Boot Into High Sierra After Running MultiBeast v10

    Multibeast 10 works fine, I can wirte my ssd. But I cannot boot normaly. I get this. can anyone help?