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  1. legatimatteo

    Freeze during first boot - BigSur 11.1

    Hi, I was trying to install Big Sur on my pc but it freezes during the first boot. My specs: -i5 9600k -z390 tomahawk MSI -UHD 630 Can someone help me?
  2. legatimatteo

    Surface Pro 7 i5-1035g4 - bigSur

    Hi, I'm trying to use big sur on surface pro 7, it works well but the screen sometimes becomes black for a half sec. changing resolution no longer happens but hidpi is not activated so I see everything very small. Can someone help me?
  3. legatimatteo

    Solved > [Success] MSI Z390 Tomahawk

    Does your iGpu work? I mean without RX Vega. I have the same MB but IGD doesn't work, maybe you connect display port instead of HDMI?
  4. legatimatteo

    dvmt max 64mb

    Hi, i have i5 9600K and MSI z390 Tomahawk. I have to use IGD as Graphic Card in hackintosh the problem is that I can only set 64mb as dvmt. How can I increase it? I need 128mb.
  5. legatimatteo

    ALC892 audio doesn't work - macOS Catalina 10.15.3

    Hi, I tried to install Mac OS on my computer, but audio doesn't work. mobo : z390 MSI Tomahawk (Realtek alc892) Clover Version: 5103 Kext Installed: - AppleALC 1.4.6 - Intel Mausi - Lilu - USBInjectAll - VirtualSMC In audio settings there are no devices found