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  1. imablackhat

    DisplayPort 980TI for Audio & 34UC88

    So using a 980 TI SC ACX 2.0+ gpu, and a LG 34uc88 monitor that has speakers in it. I would like to use the speakers in the monitor as DP can carry audio signal to my GPU. Would this be plug and play as I have drivers setup for my NVIDIA Web Drivers already, or would this require extra configuring.
  2. imablackhat

    wanting to OC but no temp support apps

    disregard installed fakesmc
  3. imablackhat

    imablackhat, Sierra - GA-Z170MX Gaming 5, i7-6700K, 980TI, 16GB RAM

    imablackhat's mATX Build: i7 6700K, GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5, 980TI Intel Core i7-6700k 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor Corsair H100i v2...
  4. imablackhat

    z170mx question audio front and back..

    I installed Sierra fresh w/ 1150 & 100 series from Multibeast, audio works fine both front port on PC for headphones and speakers. However when I sleep and wake I get no sound from speakers (motherboard side), however front port works with my headphones.. I tried fixing this just recently and...
  5. imablackhat

    Cant wake from sleep

    I have an i7 6700k, ga-z170mx gaming 5 motherboard, 980 ti sc+ acx 2.0 graphics card, I have checked on "put hard disks to sleep when possible" when I try and sleep and wake it up, it turns back on but I have no display signal at all... Does anyone have this motherboard or know what would cause...
  6. imablackhat

    Z170mx can't wake from sleep?

    Just recently did my build 980 TI, z170mx gaming motherboard, and 6700k processor. Whenever the computer sleeps I cannot wake it from sleep. I disabled eRp mode in the BIOs as the computer won't ever shut down and my mouse and keyboard can wake it constantly. Fresh install, everything seems to...
  7. imablackhat

    [SOLVED] Sierra not reading memory at correct speed...

    Just installed my mackintosh and Sierra isn't showing the correct RAM speed, the bios says 3200, OS X says 2132. How can I correct this please?
  8. imablackhat

    last minute fitting mATX Build concerns

    Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboards GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 by Gigabyte is my motherboard, will be using a 980 ti evga acx 2.0 sc+ card it will take two slots. will also be using a pci card for wireless see next line: 802.11AC Desktop Wifi Card 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC Bluetooth 4.0 OS...
  9. imablackhat

    native WiFi BT hand off pci-e card?

    is there a native one pci, m.2 slot, or a usb plug in kind that just works? Working on my partslist..
  10. imablackhat

    My possible 2017 January Mac build, help

    Ok so this is the first time I'm doing this (hackintosh) heres what I have for a build so far. The goal is a 4k mac for moderate gaming. I'm not trying to push Ultra on all games or play anything crazy. Maybe Rocketleague, WoW, CS:Go, Starcrafts, warcrafts, diablos, in high/ultra in 4k. I'm...
  11. imablackhat

    New SSD type compatible?

    Planning out a new mac, 6700k, 980 nvidia, 16gb ram, but new M.2 ssd just came out from corsair just wondering is this compatible?....
  12. imablackhat

    Advice for installer & hardware?

    im trying to install El Capitan on my box here's my specs X58A-UD3R Gigabyte motherboard i7-920 processor HD 5850 Graphics 2x cards Samsung SSD 840 or 850 cant remember. I have access to a Mac as well as a Windows PC. I don't know all the UniBeast, MultiBeast, Clover stuff. First...