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  1. LazarX

    System76 Oryx Compatibility

    The Nvidia GPU makes it a nonstarter.
  2. LazarX

    Profile issues

    I can't update my profile to reflect the new hardware I'm running.
  3. LazarX

    After update to 10.15.4, BIOS resets every time

    This is a supplemental article about handling registry issues in Windows on the topic.
  4. LazarX

    Custom SSD Icons

    Very nice work
  5. LazarX

    Apple Deprecating KEXTs. End of Hackintosh?

    We are talking about Kexts as the way they are being used in Hackintosh methods of today. Apple is essentially tossing everyone out of that space and reclaiming it for their exclusive use in a legitimate move to enhance OS security, as kexts are a major malware entry that's anticipated to grow...
  6. LazarX

    UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Keep in mind that solutions provided here will require access to a real Mac to create the installer USB>
  7. LazarX

    UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Apple has removed the ability to download older versions of the OS from the App Store if you're running anything later than Sierra.
  8. LazarX

    Apple Unveils Redesigned Mac Pro Desktop and Pro Display XDR at WWDC

    Performance for the machine is not just a matter of CPU and sockets. At top spec this unit will edit 3 8k video streams or hundreds of audio tracks simultaneously. It wil host up to a terrabyte and a half of RAM. The things you're talking about are irrelevant to the specific market this...
  9. LazarX

    Fenvi FV-T919 is Back at

    The problem I have with the Fenvi card is that it does not support the AC wifi protocol, only up to N. If you want the fastest wifi speed you can get, take care of your bluetooth needs with separate hardware.
  10. LazarX

    Huge CPU discounts at Microcenter

    I'm actually fairly close to two of them... one in Brooklyn, and another in Paterson, NJ. Been to the Paterson store... great place to just geek out at all the shinies. Pretty decent help staff there as well, and on the walk from the bus stop you pass the famous Chocolate House. They have a...
  11. LazarX

    New Mac Pro's, iMacs and Apple Displays

    I'm not surprised that Apple decided to break it's usual ironclad wall of silence. There's been a growing perception that Apple was getting ready to exit personal computing entirely on the professional level, and the years of neglect on the professional platform hasn't helped.
  12. LazarX

    Do you own a real Mac?

    You can also do so by buying a Snow Leopard CD downloading and creating an IBoot CD to get a working Snow Leopard system from which you can get what you need to install a more modern OS.
  13. LazarX

    How long life time will a hackintosh have?

    Here's the thing... Hackintosh machines are fun to play with... but if my livelihood depended on them, I'd buy a real Mac. Hackintoshes dance a minefield with every software upgrade you put into them, and it's not that hard to terminally screw yourself up. or the machine to suddenly go wonky...
  14. LazarX

    Allow From Anywhere (Disable Gatekeeper checks) in macOS Sierra

    Apple is catering to the hipsters... because the pro users are moving en masse to Windows. Because Microsoft is serious in supporting them. Their tablets have gotten to the point where they are more useful and adaptable than Macbooks. And what passes for mac desktops are desk ashtrays that...
  15. LazarX

    What Version of OS X is your Computer Running?

    Stuck with yosemite so far. Have not been able to even get the Unibeast installer for 10.11 to even boot succesfully yet.
  16. LazarX

    Apple Releases 10.11 Darwin Source

    Nothing in particular. It's Apple living up to it's obligation in using open source material. essentially making the changes it made to the open source part of the OS public. For those folks who work with Darwin.. it's a big deal.
  17. LazarX

    Any Keyboards that have good support for both OSX and Windows?

    Like the title says... I'd like to find one keyboard that's great for both instead of great for one and only bearable for the other.
  18. LazarX

    My Power Mac G5 To ATX Hackintosh Mod

    I'm tempted to this but I have the ill fortune in that my G5 is in perfect running order and I hate to cut up a fine working machine. Maybe I'll find another unit in not so good condition. :)
  19. LazarX

    Low Audio Volume - Realtek ALC889

    I had the same problem. I fixed it adjusting the Input Gain in Voodoo HDA. I had also noticed the difference in volume between the front green jack and the rear, found it as because Voodoo had different values for Input Gain for each jack. When the values were matched, the volume became the...