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  1. wanglinjie168

    Solved > Help ! NullCPUPowerManagement.kext doesn't work on 10.14.4

    Hello every i updated to 10.14.4 today. Everything works well except the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. I tryed many ways: 1、rebuilded caches by boot options: -v -f 2、deleted /System/library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and...
  2. wanglinjie168

    how to make dvi work?on rx560

    i‘m upgrading to,mojave from 10.12.6。the installion can work by hdmi connection,but dvi return black screen。what should i do? cpu:i5 760 board:ga-p55-ud3r graphic:rx560
  3. wanglinjie168

    Does the mojave work on p55 with i5 760?

    hi,everyone。i have used the sierra for two years,when i wanted to update to 10.13,my graphic card gts 450 doesn‘t support it。 so,i bought a rx560 card。 But when i upgrded to 10.14,it said:doesn’t supprot cpu。 is there someone make it successed? help,please。 cpu:i5 760 board:ga p55 ud3r graphic:rx560
  4. wanglinjie168

    can gts 450 work on high sierra?

    Guys, I installed the high sierra successfully by following the installation guide . But the login window background is gray. And only work with nv_disable=1 . Does gts 450 supported natively? How make it work. I do many things follow the advice. But failed. Help please.
  5. wanglinjie168

    GTS 450 new webdriver still can't work!!

    My gts450 still can not works .What should i do? When will it support for GTS450?
  6. wanglinjie168

    nvidia driver clolorful desktop

    Update to the latest version webdriver the desktop becomes colorful. shoud i wait for new version?
  7. wanglinjie168

    csr bluetooth problem help please

    i've installed yosemite and drive other devices but bluetooth. That's the info help please!