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  1. UtterDisbelief

    How to run High Sierra on Opencore?

    Hi there. If Sierra boots, if Mojave boots, you are both sides of the HFS+ to APFS divide so disk format can't be the issue. What exactly is happening when you try to boot High Sierra? A Verbose screen would be useful. The error you mention is a very early state of affairs, usually.
  2. msh

    How to run High Sierra on Opencore?

    I can boot macOS Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur with Opencore. But, I can't with High Sierra. I have : attempting system restart...mach reboot. What do I need to do to resolve this? Thanks for your help.
  3. tred

    Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot

    ...has a Broadwell CPU and integrated Intel Graphics. I created a bootable installer using my iMac, which worked fine, but when I try to boot to the installer using verbose mode, I just get the error Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot. I am new to the world of Hackintosh, so please bear...
  4. Wenda

    Deskmini 110 with 7th cpu: Catalina is working but no HEVC

    Hello lightingmac, my previous build will be freezing when I run FCPX. I am turning from clover to CO. I made the installer But I stuck at attempt to Mach reboot now. Don’t know what to do. Please advise. Thanks! @lightingmac
  5. Solfx

    Ryzen 3700X / Aorus X570 Elite - Success + Mini Guide

    Hi, I follwed this guide for my Ryzenthosh project. Ran into an issue while loading the installer Attempting system restart ..... MACH REBOOT and this message freezes there. Anybody had this similar issue? Specs Ryzen 3900x Nvidia rtx 2070 super 128gb ddr4 ram 2x 500 gb nvme 8tb hdd...
  6. Feartech

    Help with HP 15-da0032ca

    try the links in my signature
  7. xelex

    Help with HP 15-da0032ca

    ...right direction. I have tried a couple guides and cant even get to the installer. With clover I got stuck on "attempting system restart mach reboot". With opencore I got stuck on "acpi error method parse/execution failed ae_not_exist". I have never done a Hackintosh install before and I dont...
  8. Feartech

    Attempting system reboot... MACH Reboot

    try the opencore guide in my signature, after you have filled out your hardware profile properly as per the faq
  9. SorrowEater

    Attempting system reboot... MACH Reboot stupidity. The error is what's in the title... It says a bit about my kexts before, but then it just attempts to reboot (and fails). MACH Reboot? Never heard of it. I had gotten a few errors before, but I fixed them. This one, I have no clue how. I'm pretty sure it's either kexts...
  10. serdeliuk

    [SOLVED] Can't make OpenCore work while hybrid Clover with OC runtime works fine

    You can try to make a movie then capture from that movie the screen, set your camera for high refresh rate if possible. Also, if you enable debug log all issues will be logged into a file MACH reboot is usually associated with cpu power management being misconfigured
  11. mixbyjm

    Update Directly to macOS High Sierra Samsung SSD which is running Sierra, but everytime I choose Installation Disk on Clover Boot, I get "Attempting System Restart....MACH Reboot" And somehow, my SSD M.2 disappear and not detected..again GA-H87-HD3-rev-1, BIOS Mod by Hanson 10b (I forgot where I find it) Intel HD4600...
  12. EnderWalt

    ...Mach Reboot Help

    Hello, I have created a Boot Stick with unibeast and configured with Clover Configurator for my Setup but than I get the error ...Mach REBOOT Can some one Help me ? I Have uploadet my EFI. My setup MSI Z270 Gaming pro Carbone, Geforce GTX 1060 6gb, Intel Pentium G4560
  13. foreverrajat

    Help ME: Mach Reboot bactrace continues Error when loading High Sierra

    Hi Guys, Have tried a lot of things but I'm not able to go through with the installation. I get this error everytime. I'm a noob at this so please help..
  14. Feartech

    Help Me: Unable to load High Sierra in Lenovo E4430

    have a search for mach reboot error
  15. korokorosquared

    Stuck noob - updated working clover - now cant boot

    ...Sierra and now it wont boot. I assume all the settings are now messed up. The command line is reporting some cpu error and gets stuck at mach reboot. I have tried boot recovery and messed with clover boot options - but its been 6 months since i built my first hackintosh and i've forgotten...
  16. Feartech

    System shutdown initiated by: shutdown.200

    maybe replace FakeSMC with VirtualSMC.kext, remove fakesensor kexts, voodoohda, and AppleHDAdisabler.kext, use AppleALC.kext and make sure to:
  17. SteveEvans

    System shutdown initiated by: shutdown.200

    ...1906 (0 mb); apfs_vfsop_unmount:2762: all done. going home. (numMountedAPFSVolumes 0) done Ethernet [RealtekRTL8111]: Link down on en0 MACH Reboot GTrace synchronization point 119 PMRD: Restart handler 0xffffff7f827ed0a8 took 173 ms USB device 0BDA032600612000 - Realtek, USB3.0 Card Reader...
  18. erinviegas

    [Guide] Lenovo Ideapad 330S-14IKB Big Sur 11.2.3 Opencore

    Make sure whatever changes you make to the kext folder is reflected in the config.plist. You also need to disable SSDT-EC-USBX.
  19. ob1knobe

    [Guide] Lenovo Ideapad 330S-14IKB Big Sur 11.2.3 Opencore

    ...and it works great with Catalina so I removed all the Broadcom files and added the Intel kext files. I rebooted but got a kernel panic (MACH REBOOT). I put your EFI back and it's working again. I'm thinking that maybe the Intel kext files are causing the kernel panic so I just removed the...