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  1. perfecto245

    RX 580 lockup 10.14.5

    Any Logic X users with an RX580 causing the system to stutter and then halt On 10.14.5 infrequently?
  2. perfecto245

    Fitting Four 3.5” drives in a NZXT s340 Elite?

    Hi has anybody had any luck or experience adding four 3.5” drives into a NZXT s340 Elite cabinet?
  3. perfecto245

    10 bit Colour issue on latest Web Drivers for 10.13.1

    Hey, Anybody seeing inverted colours in 30bit mode? Using SwitchRes X to enable 10bit on my 31MU97 monitor. Running a 1050Ti The Yellows show as Blue and the Blues as Yellows. Colours are normal in 24bit mode. This is a new issue with the latest drivers, worked fine on the previous drivers...
  4. perfecto245

    GTX 1050 Ti Freezing

    Anybody having issues with their GTX 1050Ti freezing the system or causing reboots after coming out of putting the display to sleep or from activating the screensaver? Running it on a Display Port using a LG 31MU97-B monitor Sierra 10.12.16 and Web Drivers.
  5. perfecto245

    Cant Catch a Break with Nvidia ResmanWeb Panics!

    Ive Installed this new 1050TI from old my GT640 because i upgraded my monitor a 4K that needed a Display port 1.3, since then i have no luck with a stable system.. the Web Drivers keep causing Panics when a browser opens or the display comes out of sleep or from a screensaver mode and randomly...
  6. perfecto245

    Login Delay Spinning Wheel !

    Hi, I have been having some weird issues with my system, the system takes a very long time to log in after entering the user password in the OS X Sierra Login screen.. this suddenly happened after trying to install some software.. with caused a sudden restart.. after which my hard drives showed...
  7. perfecto245

    [Solved] Realtek Ethernet Drivers For El Captain?

    Hey, Has anyone got the Realtek Ethernet drivers going for 10.11?