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  1. hamzab

    Best motherboard out there currently comparability wise? Golden build mobos aren’t available to purchase

    Hi all Getting into a new Hackintosh build and want to know what the best motherboard out there currently is comparability wise. My previous mobo (Z77-DS3H) was a breeze at installing, and I’m looking for something similar if possible? I’ve of course looked at the golden builds forum but those...
  2. hamzab

    Is the AMD 5700XT the best OOB GPU to get? If so, what version? MSI, Sapphire Nitro+, Powercolor etc?

    Hi all Question is in the title really. Looking to build a new Hack, and as such, need a new GPU. I'm guessing the AMD 5700XT is the best GPU available right now? If so, which one do I get to ensure it works out of the box flawlessly? I've seen options from MSI, Powercolor, Sapphire Nitro+ etc...
  3. hamzab

    Got an 8700K for free (hand me down) - What's the easiest Motherboard to Hackinotsh?

    Hi all Currently have an older 3770K with an RX 580 that is starting to show it's age (not so much in my Mac Partition, but mainly in Windows when I game). Anyhow, I've been given an 8700K for free, and rather than waste it, can someone please recommend the best (and by best, I mean easiest...
  4. hamzab

    Can't PM anyone on the forum

    Hi I'm trying to PM some members on here that use Mac mini's with eGPUs, as I'm contemplating whether to get a Mac mini or get another Hackntosh. From what I've read, the Mac mini has throttling and eGPU issues in bootcamp, so may be worth me sticking with the Hackintosh path. Anyhow, here is...
  5. hamzab

    Which AMD Vega 64 Card to buy for native compatiability?

    Hi all I want to get a Vega 64 card for my rig (both for Mac OS purposes, but also so my windows parition has better fps on games). Should I stick with the generic AMD Vega 64? Or do I get one of the variants (XFX, Sapphire etc?), or does it make no difference? This link from Apple's website...
  6. hamzab

    Do I need to do any extra steps because I'm using SSD like TRIM etc?

    Hi guys I'm reinstalling my El Capitan build as I've just got an SSD. I know what to do for everything else as my Hack has been running ok with El Capitan, however now that I have an SSD, do I need to anything in the installation/unibeast/multibeast stages? I faintly remember something about...
  7. hamzab

    Can I upgrade 2500K to 3770K without reinstalling or loading new kexts etc? El Capitan and Sierra?

    Hi guys Currently have an El Capitan build and a Sierra build. A friend of mine is giving me his 3770K this christmas, and I may hold off building a new rig, as 3770K, GTX 760 and an SSD are more than enough for my current needs. As I've just done a fresh install of Sierra which is working...
  8. hamzab

    GTX 760 & Intel 2500K - 4K video results in choppy video and fan noise (vtdecoderxpcservice high CPU

    Hi guys On my Hackintosh running El Capitan (with GTX 760 and 2500K), when attempting to play 4K video (either through Youtube, or downloaded as an MP4 using Quicktime or even VLC), it results in choppy video playback and the fans ramping up to loud levels. When checking Activity monitor...
  9. hamzab

    Z77-DS3H (ALC 887) No sound after sleep from front panel - Rear audio works fine

    Hi all My previous thread is here: Since then I've reinstalled a fresh copy of El Capitan (10.11.3 - and used Toleda's 110 command file for audio) but I'm...
  10. hamzab

    Z77-DS3H El Capitan - Sound not changing from speakers to front headphones after sleep, and vice Ver

    Hi all Running El Capitan 10.11.3 on my Z77-DS3H. Installed audio using Multibeast and selecting ALC887/888b. For some strange reason, sound after sleep works, but will only work with whatever was being used before. For example, if I was using the rear speaker output, after sleep the...
  11. hamzab

    GTX 760 Cinebench Scores?

    Hi all I've recently got a GTX 760 for my rig as my ATI HD6850 wouldn't allow my Mac to Wake from sleep properly. Anyhow, running Cinebench R15, I only get a score of 60FPS. I've seen online that people (albeit using windows I guess) are getting around 75/80 FPS to even 127 FPS (according...
  12. hamzab

    Airdrop with Z77-DS3H and PCIe Ethernet Card - "Don't see who you're looking for" missing

    Hi all I've just realised that AirDrop is not working on my Hackintosh and my MacBook 2015. I've realised on my MacBook 2015, in order to see older machines like my MBA 2013 that is running Mavericks, I need to click "Don't see who you're looking for" and then click "Search for an older...
  13. hamzab

    Why only GTX 750 and GTX 960? What about cards in between (according to latest Buyer's guide)

    Hi Guys I've upgraded my build to El Capitan but I've learnt that my ATI card won't allow sleep to work, therefore i'm looking into the Nvidia GTX range. I was looking at the GTX 750 as a replacement for my ATI card, however, I was wondering, why can't I go for the higher mid range cards...
  14. hamzab

    Z77-DS3H - Sleep not working properly - Blank Screen after wake and I think no audio either

    Hi all Firstly, if this is in the wrong section, I apologise. Can an Admin please move. I have just done a fresh install of El capitan 10.11.2, using Unibeast to make the USB, and Multibeast for post-installation tools. Everything is working fine, USB, sound etc. However with Sleep, the...
  15. hamzab

    Best GA-Z77-DS3H 16GB Ram Compatibility (8GB X 2) - Dual Channel? Please help

    Hi guys, Got a GA-Z77-DS3H board and am having trouble getting my two 8GB Corsair XMS 3 sticks to work. The bios only sees 8GB for some reason? I think I have dual channel mode on but would be grateful if someone could guide me. If this RAM isn't compatible, what ram have people...
  16. hamzab

    Hackintosh Suddenly booting to grey Login screen without any Users to login to! Pictures Included!

    Hackintosh Suddenly booting to grey Login screen without any Users to login to! Pictures Included! PayPal Donation if fixed Hi guys, Got a bit of a weird problem here. Was trying to fix my imessage problems as it wouldn't let me login, I followed some steps where it told me to run EFI...
  17. hamzab

    ATI 4850 - Laggy Scrolling on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on some websites - eBay, Gumtree etc

    Hi guys, On some websites the scrolling is quite laggy, like if I search for something on eBay or Gumtree, sometimes Youtube, however on other big websites the scrolling is fine. Is it something to do with my GPU? I don't feel as I'm getting the most out of my 4850, some people say to...
  18. hamzab

    [PARTIAL SUCESS] Gigabyte EP41-UD3L + 4850 - (NO AUDIO - REALTEK ALC888)

    [SUCESS] Gigabyte EP41-UD3L + 4850 - (NO AUDIO - REALTEK ALC888) EDIT: Everything is now fully working. If anyone needs help just PM me. Thank you for all the help this Forum has given!
  19. hamzab

    Upgrade Lion to Mountain Lion using APP Store Upgrade?

    Hi, Will the above work? I have downloaded Mountain Lion for my MacBook air and so on my App store on my Hackintosh, can I just redownload Mountain Lion and click upgrade? Thanks HamzaB
  20. hamzab

    What types of speeds are you getting with USB 3.0

    Hey all, Question is in the title really? What kinds of speeds are you guys hitting with USB 3.0? Thanks HamzaB