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  1. joedub

    SOLVED - Latest Multibeast /fresh Catalina install

    Having an issue, after running a fresh Catalina install and updated Multibeast boot just hangs at a black screen after Apple logo and normal boot procedure. This is basically just choosing the bootloader etc....No other drivers. Any ideas?
  2. joedub

    After Install and Login, Get Black Screen

    Did my upgrade and it looks like it's getting to desktop if i put a password in but no display. Main screen has a light going but it's black and second monitor looks to have gone to sleep. Using a Sapphire Dual X R7-265 which works fine under 10.14.x and below. Any ideas?
  3. joedub

    Is Catalina Stable Enough to Upgrade?

    Any major stability issues? Major crashing or just a bug here and there?