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  1. Vries

    OC 6.4, BigSur install flashed firmware which disabled my battery

    I have my config.plist set to MacBook 8,1 as that's what's recommended for Broadwell and during BigSur install it flashed firmware for said MacBook which can be found in APPLE's EFI folder and is attached below. Now the laptop can only be used on AC, when disconnected it instantly powers off...
  2. Vries

    [SOLVED] Can't make OpenCore work while hybrid Clover with OC runtime works fine

    It gets stuck as presented below: I'm attaching both clover's and opencore's EFI's, they're pretty minimal, maybe it'll help someone figure it out. I'm out of ideas for now
  3. Vries

    HP ENVY x2 13 - After updating to Sur laptop can only be powered by AC

    As in title, after seemingly successful upgrade from fully working Catalina laptop [HP Envy x2 13] can no longer be used on battery, after the charger cable is disconnected the laptop instantly powers off [fully, which it normally doesn't do, you have to force it] no blinking standby led...