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  1. SpryStudios

    Fenvi wifi card no longer connects to wifi after Catalina update

    Hi guys! I had a fully functional Hackintosh with a fenvi wifi/bluetooth card installed and working fine. I updated from High Sierra to Catalina today and now my machine will no longer connect to wifi. The wifi icon is grayed out in the status bar and not available as a network service in the...
  2. SpryStudios

    Davinci Resolve 14 won't stop crashing!

    This is a sad day indeed! I built a Hackintosh exclusively for 4k video editing with Davinci Resolve 14 and after I got everything else up and running, Resolve won't run stable on this machine! :( Here's the specs: Asus Z270 Prime MOBO, Asus GTX 1060 3GB GPU, Intel i5 Processor, 16GB of RAM...
  3. SpryStudios

    [Solved] Sierra doesn't correctly recognize my GPU memory

    I have installed an ASUS GTX 1060 3GB GPU but Sierra says that I have 256MB GPU installed? Why isn't Sierra correctly recognizing all the VRAM I have available on the GPU?? Thanks in advance!
  4. SpryStudios

    NVIDIA web drivers are installed and working but my graphics card is not outputting a signal

    I've been searching the forums all night for this fix and I've tried all the "black screen after installing web drivers" solutions but nothing is working so far. I've installed an ASUS GTX1060 onto an ASUS z270 motherboard and am up and running with Sierra 10.12.6. My model identifier is...
  5. SpryStudios

    Unibeast 8.0 is not able to create a High Sierra boot drive

    I was able to successfully create a High Sierra boot drive last night. I screwed up either my BIOS or my MultiBeast settings so I decided to scrap everything and start over from scratch. Today I am unable to create the High Sierra boot drive! I've tried this on two different machines now with...