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  1. piojofafner

    [solved] Unable to boot after updating to 11.3.2

    Hello. I just went thought the update in my Lenovo. I use the Apple update. Now I can not boot into the Mac any more. When I try to boot using a pendrive with clover, the Mac entry is not even showing up. When I try using the Clover that it is in the HD, I got a message that OS restarted the...
  2. piojofafner

    macOS 10.13 Supplemental update

    Hi. I tried unsuccessfully to update my Lenovo. I downloaded this update. Now I have a new entry in Clover but when I try to do it I got a message that the installation failed. Any help? Thanks
  3. piojofafner

    [solved] Clover, High Sierra, and Preboot

    I just updated to High Sierra. Now when Cover open I have a new option, boot file vault rebooter from Preboot. What is this? Is this normal? Thanks
  4. piojofafner

    Installed version of macOS unsupported

    Hello. I just finished the installation of high Sierra in my Lenovo . I had no problems and I allowed the conversion to APFS. The only thing is that a small window popped saying Installed version of macOS unsupported The installed version of FUSE is too old for the operating system. Please...
  5. piojofafner

    [solved] Unable to boot my Lenovo

    Hello. I just did the upgrade for Safari and the security upgrade for El Capitan and since then I am not able to boot anymore. Clover appears and I after I select the apple partition (I have also Windows) then the black screen appears and it reboots. I try also with a pendrive with Clover and...
  6. piojofafner

    [solved] 4530s no sound after updating to Sierra

    As the title, just updated to Sierra and have no sound. I updated all all the kexts before doing the update as Clover to the latest version. Everything is working well but has no sound. Any ideas?
  7. piojofafner


    Has anyone already try it?
  8. piojofafner


    I was wondering if anyone has done the update? Thanks
  9. piojofafner

    MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.7

    In the last 24 hours I am getting this update in the Apple Store in my 4530s. I tried to apply it now three times. The update goes well without issues, and then the computer reboots. But windows update is still showing it up, like the update never happened. What should I do? Thanks
  10. piojofafner

    CLOVER not seeing mac partition

    This is about my 4530s, which had Mac and Windows. I run the OS X installer without erasing the target partition to "refresh" OS X. Now Clover does not see my Mac. It sees the Windows and the Recovery HD. I booted from a USB linux pendrive, and my Mac partition is there. Is this fixable?
  11. piojofafner

    Laptop upgrade

    Hello everybody. When 4 and half years ago I got my Probook 4530s which still works and I have to say that thanks to the work of lots of people in this Forum, still works great. But my Probook is getting old and I do not know for how much longer it will work. So I am beginning to look around for...
  12. piojofafner

    [solved] Windows 10 fixing booting

    Hello. I have just noticed that when I try to boot on window 10, windows 10 change the booting file (do not remember the name) and creates a new one. So afterwards the computer boots directly into Windows 10 skipping Clover. I changed the file name, but the same thing happened. Any solution?
  13. piojofafner

    Forgot which files to change

    I have my Probook 4530s with El capitan and Windows 10. Suddenly, the computer is booting directly into windows skipping Clover. I cannot remember which files I need to change the name in the EFI folder. Would anyone be so kind to remind me. Thanks
  14. piojofafner

    Windows 10

    Hi guys, I have Yosemite and Windows 7 in my 4530s. The question is: should I let windows do the update? Is everything going to be OK? Or maybe my 4530s will boot directly into windows skipping Clover? Any advice is wellcome.
  15. piojofafner

    Building a custom mac, worth it?

    Hi guys. I have my HP probook for 3 years now. My desktop PC broke yesterday and I was looking into building my custom mac but I began to realize that it is as or more expensive that buying an original Mac. I understand that there is a lot of fun in building it and then trying to get everything...
  16. piojofafner


    I was wondering if anyone has updated to 10.10.4. If so any problems. comments, complaints?
  17. piojofafner

    Full hard drive

    Help is needed. Deleted a file by accident and tried to use Cisdem Data Recovery to recover it. I failed but also now my HD is full. About this Mac is showing that I have only 57 Mb left. Of the 190 Gb partition, 87 are other. I can not find what the program has created. Any suggestion?
  18. piojofafner

    Trim enabler

    Hi guys. After doing the update to 10.10.1, I cannot switch Trim Enabler on. I keep going into this loop of turning off the kext signing requirement and rebooting. But once rebooted, the whole cycle starts again. So I can never turning it on. Everything else works great. Any suggestions?
  19. piojofafner

    CleanMyMac 2

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has tried CleanMyMac, and if it is safe. I just read in the apple website that they recommend to run this software before upgrading to Yosemite. Any advise? Thanks
  20. piojofafner

    fn key missing?

    Hello. I was wondering if somebody could help me to find the fn key on the keyboard on my Probook 4530s. I do not know if we have it at all. I am trying to use the speech recognition and the shortcut is to hit fn fn. This is not really very important because I can get it to work though Edit...