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  1. Stavi

    Z390 Aorus Pro stuck on apple logo

    Hello, I am trying to install Catalina OS X from USB and followed the official instructions to create a Catalina boot drive , with the caveat that I selected APFS as opposed to Journaled...
  2. Stavi

    Ideas for "frosted" glass hackentosh logo?

    Hey! So I have a Carbide SPEC-06 Tempered Glass Case - White ( . I found this video ( )that shows you how to "Frost" the tempered glass on cases like theses, I am lucky enough to have a vynal cutter available to...
  3. Stavi

    PCI Card w/ antenna for BCM94360CS2 ?

    I purchased a BCM94360CS2 for my new build as it was cheap and sounds reliable from the threads. I'm new to the whole hardware side of everything so I really don't know compatibility wise what works and what doesn't. I would think "theoretically" something like this would work...
  4. Stavi

    Solved > Install stuck at Apple boot/logo screen Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4

    Hello, This is my first hackentosh build and running into an issue where I cannot get past the the initial apple boot screen (Apple logo & status bar). I have tried using the three different ASRock Bios available with no such luck V1.10 - Status bar barley moves forward then stops and does...
  5. Stavi

    3200MHZ (CAS Latency 16) vs 3600MHZ (CAS Latency 19) G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB

    Maybe this boils down to components being used (listed below) but I supposed my question is as follows - Performance wise, does the higher latency of the 3600HMZ stick outweigh its increased speed? Yes, I know RAM is the last thing you should spend money on to increase performance, however its...
  6. Stavi

    ASROCK Z370 MOBO + 512 GB M.2 SSD $150.00

    One of Neggs Shell Shocker Deals today