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  1. sean2e

    .4 Combo update fine, Appstore Killed it

    Hi all I did the 10.8.4 with the combo update, I always do easy beast and read before updates... But the appstore kept saying the .4 update was avalable and it was annoying so I didnt do anything about it for a week or so cos at the end of the day its a red dot and the occasional popup. Again i...
  2. sean2e

    New Screen

    I know you can do a 1080p screen upgrade but is there another screen ( I prefer glossy ) thats the same native res of the 4530s with better colors and viewing angles out on the market someone knows of?
  3. sean2e


    Hi All, I'm just quickly asking why I OSX will only out put at 60hz max? My desk top Hack is by todays standards pretty outdated (i5 2.9 SB, GTX 460 1GB, 8gb of 1333) But it seems to me like it should be capable of it. The main reason I would love it to run 100Hz is I live in a Dorm type...
  4. sean2e

    Is 4530s SATA3 (6gbps) or SATA2 (3gbps)

    Quick question for the 4530s, is it Sata 2 or 3 with HDDs?
  5. sean2e

    4530s USB 3.0 Half Working.

    Hi Guys, My 4530s Hack (2430M, HD3000, 8GB & 750HDD) finally works great bar the wifi but thats cos i bought a dead card... Anyway I just want some advice on the USB 3. Basically it will charge an iPad which can't be charged from a USB 2.0 but it wont read anything no matter what it is...
  6. sean2e

    Internal drives sata 3 ? 6 Gb/s ( sorry rehab an if I'm posting in the wrong section)

    I have a i5 2430m HD3000 only 4530s and was just wondering if anyone knows was sata speed the internal drives are? 3 or 6 Gb/s
  7. sean2e

    Boot Issue - Please watch the video.

    Hi guys, I can get my 5430s to boot but i always have to do it by going F9 then Selecting the install drive. If i start it and let Chimera run it just goes to the Apple boot logo and goes nowhere. Hard drive light doesn't flick once. I had to fix Boot0 error and I've used the HP PB installer...
  8. sean2e

    Should I just run MultiBeast?

    Hi guys, I'm having lots of trouble with my new 4530s. It installs and works great before even using the ProBook installer 6 but when I reboot I always get the "Boot0" error.... Should I try just using multibeast instead? Also I purchased the legit ML last night so it is 10.8.3 which the...
  9. sean2e

    Partition Table recovery

    Ok so I dont know who else to ask but ill keep it short.. Have a usb external in NTFS Used it in a Windows 7 laptop of a mates Now it can only be seen in disc utility but i cant first aid it. Same as windows Did a bit of research and looks like its a partition table fix i need...
  10. sean2e


    Ive attached a jPeg, is this a card that will work native with OSX ML?
  11. sean2e

    Could anyone get this working in OSX? I have it working now as a mouse but thats about it, No pinch to zoom or the rest. It runs off a 2.4Ghz dongle. Obviously id love it to run like an official track pad but I'm assuming it would be a lot of work. Next question...
  12. sean2e

    1080 upgrade

    I've found a replacement screen for my soon to be 4530s, it's 1080p. Has anyone had success doing this? Here's a List of them Possible? And sorry is I started this in the wrong place.
  13. sean2e

    New mb, old one died

    Hi All, Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.. I know how much people hate that (yet ironically I've done Google searches in the past for unrelated issues and get sent to a thread where a admin tells the person wrong place!, Sorry I digress) Had an awesome working HACK-Apple then my MB...