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  1. SDB49

    HiSierra version of Unibeast will not install to my USB thumbdrive

    My thumbdrive is OSX Extended/Journaled GUID formatted properly and is 7GB. When I try to install Unibeast, my only option is to install to 1 empty harddrive partition and the USB drive is not an option. What's wrong?
  2. SDB49

    Having trouble installing macOS High Sierra

    I tried installing from existing Yosemite partition using the link: I launched EFI Mounter 3.1 and added the 2 kexts as well as the apfs.efi file to their specified locations. When I launch the High Sierra installer...
  3. SDB49

    Solved > Video static when using built in HDMI ports

    I'm noticing about 20 seconds of static/snow on my monitor after the boot menu. Happens when using either HDMI ports. After the static, the desktop appears and I don't see the issue again until I reboot. I have internal graphics chosen in the BIOS. Anything else to check?
  4. SDB49

    Motherboard hosed, need to replace with...?

    Just found out my Z87X-UD5H motherboard is hosed (bent CPU pins) and I need to replace it. Question is, what mobo is still compatible with the hardware I have; i7 4770k chip and 32GB of DDR3 ram? I don't want to have to buy a new processor & RAM in addition to a new motherboard. My system was 2...
  5. SDB49

    Legacy and UEFI

    I'm making the Mojave USB installer and had a couple questions. I have 2 existing partitions on this machine, Mountain Lion and Sierra and will be adding a 3rd for Mojave. 1) I have Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H Z87 mobo which supports UEFI boot mode. I can't remember how I configured the USB installer...
  6. SDB49

    APFS formatting for 1 of 3 partitions

    It's been a while since I changed my Hackintosh, but I'm interested to add a 3rd partition to my system. Currently I have Yosemite and Mtn Lion (machine is not connected up at the moment) I want to add a 3rd partition and install Mojave. Would I only have to format the new partition to APFS, or...
  7. SDB49

    External Superdrive not getting enough USB power

    I've tried to connect to all available USB2 & 3 ports on the motherboard but keep getting the error "USB Device Needs Power" Is this a Gigabyte issue or lack of the correct USB / BIOS config from my install.
  8. SDB49

    [Solved] Can't boot after upgrading to 10.10.5

    I see this screen every time. Was working fine with 10.10.3. Not sure what's happening This is a 2nd partition. Other partition has Mtn Lion, running fine.
  9. SDB49

    Best profile for Pro Tools HD

    I'm looking to set my profile for best the performance with Pro Tools HD & HDX card. Specs: GA-787X-UD5H, Intel i7 3.9Ghz (1 processor, 4 cores), 32GB, Vengence RAM Currently set as iMac 14,1 Is there a better setting where I'll see better improvement in performance? Mac Pro etc? Can't really...
  10. SDB49

    [Solved] Can't boot from USB after creating Yosemite installer

    I created a USB Yosemite installer, but can't boot from it. My current setup is a Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Hackintosh system. I created a 2nd partition on the same OS drive as Mtn Lion in the hopes to have a dual boot machine. When I reboot and hold down the Option key, I can never choose USB, and...
  11. SDB49

    Upgrading to Yosemite from Mountain Lion 10.8.5

    I have a solid install of Mountain Lion, but it's time to update to Yosemite for compatibility reasons. I'd prefer to wipe my current OS drive and begin with a fresh install of Yosemite. Since I already went through the MOBO settings when installing Mtn Lion, do I need to go through these again...
  12. SDB49

    Trim for SSDs ...

    What are your thoughts on TRIM for SSD's. Can you install TRIM from Unibeast? I had it TRIM enabled on my Mac Pro and never saw any difference in performance etc.
  13. SDB49

    Stuck at Apple screen, can't install 10.8.5

    I've read several threads and haven't been able to resolve this issue. GA-Z87-UD5H motherboard, i7 3.5 Ghz and trying to install 10.8, eventually 10.8.5 Used Unibeast 3.0.1 and chose Mtn Lion as install. Have installer in Applications folder. USB drive completed in 8-10 minutes Using default...