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  1. LazarX

    Profile issues

    I can't update my profile to reflect the new hardware I'm running.
  2. LazarX

    Any Keyboards that have good support for both OSX and Windows?

    Like the title says... I'd like to find one keyboard that's great for both instead of great for one and only bearable for the other.
  3. LazarX

    Yosemite install complete, curious mix of what's working and what isn't

    Upgraded an existing 10.9.5 installation. Before I started everything but Facetime was working. Used latest UniBeast and Multi-Beast current as of 11/03/14. Hardware as stated in my profile under my Avatar. Post Installation... What's working... ITunes, ICloud Drive. What's not...
  4. LazarX

    Gigabyte EX38-DS4... is this worth working with?

    As the title says, I've got this unit with 3 SATA drives and a HD5750 Radeon graphics card. Is this a viable working unit for a Hackintosh setup? It's a Socket 755 system with Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz installed. I'd like a recommendation on which OS I should try with...
  5. LazarX

    Getting Legal Copies of Mac OS X

    .... is pretty much impossible these days save for App Store purchases of the lastest Operating System. Called Techserve in New York, the definitive Mac store for decades, trying to get some form of Lion, they said that Apple had eliminated the option of getting OS disks. I hate resorting...
  6. LazarX

    Why my latest project got aborted....

    Went on craigslist and saw some giving away a PowerMac G5 tower. And I figured that I'd get one of the two likely outcomes. 1.Offer would turn out to be a scam, and I'd wind up trekking to Brooklyn on a wild good chase. 2.I'd get a broken down wreck that would at least yield me a nice hot...