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  1. shibirian

    Ivy Bridge running way HOTTER than Sandy Bridge

    According to, who've just disassembled one of the new Ivy Bridge CPUs, Intel's new line of processors are running much hotter than needs to be, because of an odd manufacturing decision of Intel; "Intel is using TIM paste between the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) and the CPU...
  2. shibirian

    EIZO introduces a 4096 x 2160 TFT

    EIZO DuraVision FDH3601 • 36.4" (92 cm) LCD Monitor "The EIZO DuraVision FDH3601 features a 4K x 2K resolution across a 36.4" screen. It is ideal as an ATC primary control monitor or for use in geophysical services." A real...
  3. shibirian

    Flashback Trojan infects hundred thousand macs a day!

    Fresh from the german news; Looks like a Trojan's got half a million Macs under its control right now. Cuppertino has confirmed this...
  4. shibirian

    Upgrade to i7 without reinstall

    Yes, it should work out fine just as you described it by yourself. Just make sure to backup your system partition first, and then install the new dsdt before you dismantle your machine. Also use ONYX from my sig to thoroughly clean your install and reboot twice before you install the dsdt...
  5. shibirian

    G4 Blue & White Full-ATX Mod

    xxx xx
  6. shibirian

    boot0 need a hard drive that works OOB
  7. shibirian

    [Works] Sapphire 6850 full CI/QE

  8. shibirian

    [Works] Soundblaster Audigy Platinum 32/64bit

  9. shibirian

    [Works] Sapphire 6450 512MB full CI/QE

  10. shibirian

    Quad Core upgrade for 775 - is it worth it?

    Hello all, my system currently sports an E6400 2,66GHz@333 running with 1.125V. I wondered if any upgrade to a Quad Core processor would still make sense these days for socket 775. I wanted to either get me the Q6600, 8300 or 8400 but I am not sure about it. I would need a CPU with...