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  1. Madoc

    Boot into Windows from OS X?

    I am currently running Yosemite and would love to be able to boot into Windows on my next reboot. I can't find a way to do this. I know I can't do it in Startup Disk pref pane. I also tried using BootChamp which I used in my real Mac. Are there any options out there for doing this from the...
  2. Madoc

    USB Drive Causing System Not to Boot

    I originally posted Update This is my time machine disk if that helps Everything is working 100, except I am unable to boot with one of my USB drives plugged in. I can boot with one, but not the other or both...
  3. Madoc

    Fusion Drive Support

    With a reliable way to make a roll your own Fusion Drive, could you add support in Chimera?