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  1. Yuliaan

    Solved > Possible to use Catalina with NVIDIA Pascal installed?

    Thanks. Since the SSDT tricks didn't work because the program for doing the trick didn't function, i searched with your keywords. There I saw the possibility to disable the NVidia GPU in the config.plist, as seen in the screenshot. I also used the bootflag "-wegnoegpu" and it's working now!
  2. Yuliaan

    Solved > Possible to use Catalina with NVIDIA Pascal installed?

    Hi there, I recently updated my PC from High Sierra to Catalina. HS is just too old for my programs, but was the best option for the NVIDIA graphics. Now I installed Catalina successfully, but I've got one question: Is it possible, to use the iGPU as before, but hide the NVIDIA-GPU from the...
  3. Yuliaan

    Problems with hp 350 g1

    Dear friends, I managed to install MacOS 10.13.6 on my hp 350 g1 notebook, an it nearly works. My problems are, that some things don't work... These are The built- in keyboard & trackpad Ethernet Port (Works before installing Clover with Multibeast, there I didn't choose anything because it...
  4. Yuliaan

    Cant reach Install screen Dell Optiplex 790

    Well, in the mini- version of the 790, you can't use a gpu, there's no space for it. I've got nearly the same Problem, but I'd been able to install MacOS, but when i've try to boot the installed OS it also stopped loading.