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  1. tornarus

    [Help] HP Probook 4530s - Screen goes black mid-boot after using PBI.

    I'v done everything according to this guide: [Guide] Install 10.11 on HP EliteBook/ProBook/others with Clover UEFI During boot right after using PBI my screen fades to black as if it was going to sleep. (As far as I can tell OS still boots up - only screen shuts down) I'm still able to boot...
  2. tornarus

    Touchpad errors causing freeze.

    (ProBook 4350s) Touchpad errors causing freeze. Ever since upgrading to 10.9.3 on my ProBook 4350s I'v had a following problem: Any contact with Touchpad will cause errors to flood Console (at the rate of about 1k per sec): kernel[0]: ApplePS2SynapticsTouchPad: Unexpected byte0 data (2e) from...
  3. tornarus

    iPad air vs Mini 2 for development

    I'm in a process of transfering from doveloping for iPhone to developing for iPad. I'v decided that the best value for my money would be the newest version, as its the only one with 64bit chip - so it would stay relevant longer. Now the question is wether I should pick Mini or full-sized...
  4. tornarus

    Basic question about power management

    I'm sorry if this has already been answered. I'b been trying to solve overheating issue with my processor, and while I was watching HWMonitor logs I realized, that all cores run with exactly the same multiplier and frequency. With got me wondering if its suppose to be like that? I doesn't seem...
  5. tornarus

    (GB H55M-UD2H) Mavericks not detecting mouse and keyboard

    I'v managed to reach Installation (using latest Unibeast), but nether my mouse nor my keyboard is working. I'v tryied 3 diffrent keyboards (both usb and ps2) and 4 diffrent mouses (also usb and ps2), and nothing. Not even lights on the keyboard. (and just to be clear they are working in bios...
  6. tornarus

    Removing Turbo from Installer SSDT

    I would like to remove Turbo frequencies from SSDT generated by Probook Installer. I'v tried following this guide (I'v removed unwanted frequencies and changed number of definitions to appropriate), but it causes P-State Stepper Error 18".
  7. tornarus

    High temperatures (up to 80c when idle)

    Just after boot CPU's temperature hangs around 50c, but with time, even when idle, it can reach up to 80c. I'v tried every fan behaviour (now running readings only), and my Windows' idle temp is about 50c. I thought readings might be wrong, but GPU's and HHD's temps are same as in Windows. I...