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  1. jaseinny

    4770k with Vega RX 64, GA-Z877X-UD7TH

    Hi there, I've been running fine with a GTX 670 with my GA-Z877X-UD7TH for years, however I wanted to give my system a boost by upgrading the Graphics card to a AMD RX 64 Vega video card. I have tried a totally clean install with Mojave but I'm am totally stuck at the system getting stuck when...
  2. jaseinny

    10.3.2 Boot Loop after Migration assistant

    Ever since I updated to 10.3.2 I have never been able to boot into my machine. I have tried everything that has been posted on these forums for a couple of weeks now on how to fix booting issues with a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD7-TH and a i4770k processor. I am able to install and boot from the...
  3. jaseinny

    HDMI NVDIA Video but now Audio

    HDMI NVDIA Video but no Audio Im running OSX 10.11 El Capitan and all is running fine...But, I have no Audio over HDMI. Audio works fine with Optical digital out and the video over HDMI is fine but just no audio over HDMI. Any ideas? I have followed the audio_cloverALC-110_v1.0f.command script...
  4. jaseinny

    GA-Z87X-UD7-TH Audio

    Has anyone had any luck with getting dolby 5.1 on the SPDIF or HDMI output with the onboard ALC898 audio codec and/or using the HDMI output of the NVIDIA GTX670 Graphics card? All I am getting is stereo on the SPDIF output. There is no selection for HDMI audio using the sound output settings...
  5. jaseinny

    Dolby, 889, Multibeast 5.4.3 seems broken.

    Dear all, Since I updated to the latest Multibeast I have lost multi audio channel out...dolby etc. I have tried everything from using Toleda's latest kext's ( to the extremely mundane task of reinstalling...
  6. jaseinny

    Intel 7260 HMW 802.11ac adapter mini pci

    Does anyone know if this adapter will work with the latest OS from Apple? Im curious to see if I could update my MacBook Pro to use the new 802.11ac standard to work with Apple's latest airport. So far I only see windows and linux drivers from intel here... Thanks
  7. jaseinny

    EVGA Z77 Stinger

    EVGA Z77 Stinger Mini Itx Motherboard This has just come out...what do you all think of the potential for a nice Mac Mini setup? The only thing missing is Thunderbolt. Now if it had Thunderbolt this would make the Stinger just perfect! Any ideas when a company may release a thunderbolt...
  8. jaseinny

    GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 how to activate onboard hd 3000 graphics?

    Hi all, I have a GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 motherboard and have noticed the Gigabyte is updating the BIOS's to UEFI for the other Z68 series. I know this board does not have video outputs, but, is there a way to activate the onboard intel HD3000 graphics chip for my i7 2600K? The reason why I ask is I...