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  1. PooyaNabei

    iMessage Fix

    Hi Everyone, I had a problem with my iMessage not sending or receiving messages. I followed this video guide and it worked like a charm. I thought I would share and maybe help someone out. Written: Youtube: Hope it works...
  2. PooyaNabei

    GTX 980ti Bad performance

    Hi all, I recently bought a GTX 980 ti. It loads fine with nvdia driver and nvda_drv=1. But it doesn't benchmark or work closely as fast as it should... the performance is poorer than my 680. :-( Can you please help what I'm missing? OS:10.11.6 Motherboard: Z68x-UD4-B3 i7 sandy bridge...
  3. PooyaNabei

    MacPro - Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2

    Hi Everyone, Do you know if Intel Xeon Processor E5-1650 v2 or generally their E5 V2 series are compatible with Maverick now or not? Does Speedstep or Sleep work with them? Thanks
  4. PooyaNabei

    Updated from SL to ML 10.8.5 I get black screen after boot.

    Hi Everyone, I just updated my friend's hackintosh. P55A-UD3 F9. i7 2600 GTS 450 16 Gigs for Ram. Installation went fine, it booted via unibeast USB I installed multibeast and when I reboot, it boots goes to apple screen, it seems to load everything then goes to black screeen. :(...
  5. PooyaNabei

    RocketRaid 2310 - Mountain Lion & Kexts loading issue

    Hi there, I ran a RocketRaid 2310 on my hackintosh with lion and it was very stable. Since I installed 10.8.2, OS randomly loads the raid. It's so strange, I need to restart at least 4-5 times and all of a sudden it recognizes the card. Any idea why this happen and how I can fix the issue...
  6. PooyaNabei

    Some Kexts don't load on restart.

    For some reason my raid card, RocketRaid 2310, sometimes loads on the restart and sometimes doesn't on 10.8.2 and I can't tell how that happens. When I use kextstat I can tell that it loaded, "com.highpoint-tech.kext.HighPointRR (2.0.0) <37 10 5 4 3>" . but sometimes it just doesn't. Any...
  7. PooyaNabei

    Benchmark + opencl w/ 10.8.2 & gtx 680

    I just recently upgraded to 10.8.2 from 10.7.3 and after afew problem I got it booting w/graphic enabler = no but I DID NOT add openCL patch from Multibeast, as I thought it's native. do I need to? I got a very stable machine but I'm not sure my openCL is working. I use capture one pro...
  8. PooyaNabei

    Lion 10.7.3 can't boot without arch=i386

    Hi Guys, I scratched my head for 6 hours today to try to get it working but there's no luck. I removed arch=i386 and I kept getting stuck on apple screen. Then I tried arch=x86_64 and still got stuck. I tried to boot in -v mode and I got stuck somewhere related to Nvenabler Probe: Shadow...
  9. PooyaNabei

    Low Geekbench Score

    Hi There, I got a i7-2600 @ 3.4GHz with 32Gigs of ram with Indentifier as MacBookPro8.1 running 10.7.3 ios and my geekbench is about 12738. It seems very low to me. Anyone can help me please? Thanks, Pooya
  10. PooyaNabei

    GTS 450 Can't update to 10.7.2 BLACK SCREEN

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to find a solution for this but can't find one that works for me. I'm running 10.7.1 with no problems. When I update to 10.7.2 I get the black screen right after booting. I tried DSDT method and changing the code to "NVDA, Parent", but for some reason, the...
  11. PooyaNabei

    GTS 450 Updated to 10.7.2 Black Screen

    Hi Guys, I've been looking for a solution and can't find anything. 10.7.1 was super stable with no EFI STRING edits and no GraphicEnabler, updated to 10.7.2 and I got the black screen, even with graphicenabler=yes. I found this solution but can't find a way to apply it. PLEASE HELP...
  12. PooyaNabei

    10.7.2 Black Screen

    Hi guys, I just updated to 10.7.2 and I'm geting black screen after restarting. I found a few solutions Replacing: "device_type" Buffer (0x0D) { "NVDA,Geforce" } with: "device_type" Buffer (0x0C) { "NVDA,Parent" } but I can't find the line in my dsdt.aml Any helps please? Thanks so...
  13. PooyaNabei

    Random Freezes/Kernel Panics -Guessing it's the Graphic card

    Hi guys, The new mac I built is giving me random freezes, and I can't figure out what it is... . I got Gigabyte Z68x-UD4-B3, i7 2600K, GTS 450 with 16 Gigs of Ram and running 10.6.8. I know my graphic card is a trouble maker but with my old machine ( same graphic card ) I just ran a VLC video...
  14. PooyaNabei

    Sapphire 5770 10.6.8 - 30" apple - black screen

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my graphic card. I just switched from 9800 gigabyte to Sapphire 5770. I updated the os to 10.6.8... with the 9800... booted fine.. then switched the graphic cards and I got a black screen right after the apple logo... so after couple of try and errors... I...
  15. PooyaNabei

    Very Low Geekbench w/ i7 2600 Z68-ud4-b3

    Hi guys, I just built a new machine with 16gigs of ram, i7 2600 and it was a mess for a little bit but I managed to make it work and run 10.6.8 w/GTS 450. I'm getting a very low geekbench though for some reason.. it's about 6000 which is not what I'm expecting.. I attached a picture of my bios...
  16. PooyaNabei

    RocketRAID 2310 Installation

    Hi Guys, I'm building a new hackintosh and I wanna use my rocketraid 2310 to use as a booting drive.. is it possible? currently I just have it as an extra internal raid0 drive for backup and stuff but I want to do 2 SSD raid0 if possible...SL recognizes it as Parallel SCSI. Does iboot...
  17. PooyaNabei

    9800 HDMI black screen.

    Hi guys, I've been having problem with this graphic card, I got Geforce 9800 and anytime I connect an HDMI connector I get the black screen. Any idea how I could get it work? Thanks
  18. PooyaNabei

    Random Freezes/Kernel Panics

    Recently I updated my chameleon to 2.0 RC5 699, since then I get a random KP, ( Need to restart the computer once every 24hrs or so ) Unfortunately I'm bit of a noob, so I'm not sure how I can debug it? any ideas how to figure out what creates the panic. I have a GTS 450 graphic card, but it...
  19. PooyaNabei

    Dual Processor Suggestions?

    Hi People, I'm thinking of making a dual processor mac, do you know of any hardware that works with least headache? I've seen EVGA SR-2 DUAL XEON MOTHERBOARD motherboard working... which is pretty expensive. any thoughts? Let me know thanks!
  20. PooyaNabei

    Raid Card RocketRaid 2310

    Hi There, Any one knows how to make this work on SL? Or any other suggestion for an internal Raid Card? Thanks