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  1. sean2e

    HP ProBook Installer 6.1: 4x30s and 4x40s support

    Can I please ask if the new versions of these can be put in the Dowloads section?... Sorry if thats a noob question.
  2. sean2e

    SSD purchase advice?

    I'd like it to fit (750GB) but I'm not spending that much, I'll just make it fit under 250g... stupid question but can I clone via a usb?
  3. sean2e

    SSD purchase advice?

    I take it putting a ssd in my 4530s means a full reinstall then TimeMachine my stuff back on?
  4. sean2e

    Unlocked latest PXHCD.kext Version 1.0.11

    I'm running 10.8.5 and seem to be the only person who can't upgrade to 10.9 from a unibeast drive....worked plenty of times before. ive found a cheap 2 port pci card...with this C/set. Think It might work after running MB?
  5. sean2e

    Anyone experienced increased battery life yet?

    Hey I have an i5 4530s that I always set to full brightness even off charger, Ill let you know in a week. I'm noticing performance improvements. Just go to Mavericks now. Nice and easy.
  6. sean2e

    is it worth?

    Yeah, its only going to get better I thinks. Its as easy if not more then the rest. best of luck. emmy
  7. sean2e

    is it worth?

    Don't get into an argument with him... He blocked me over an oversight that was my fault yet they're happy to take my anonymous donations.
  8. sean2e

    Lost track pad 4430s

    lol I was just having the same issue..... so I use my trackpad to go turn it off then blonde moment hits. Track pads working..
  9. sean2e

    Imessage Not working after upgrading to Mavericks!

    I'm not what you'd call a skilled hackntosher... any chance you could put it all in steps and send me a pm me? I've never had trouble with Lion or mountain Lion but then again I just got hardware that worked i.e my Probook 4530s and built the desktop parts. I've only ever had to do a but of...
  10. sean2e

    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Article: UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC I'd say so, I have a 460 and its fine with ML but I can't make a UB drive? makes no sense
  11. sean2e

    Guide to Installing Mavericks on HP Probook

    So in reading this would 10.8.4 to 10.9 be an issue? I never went to .5on my DeskHack as the .4 combo installer failed.
  12. sean2e

    Maverick is released for free! To Those Who Bought Previous Versions of OSX

    Maverick is released for free! Just want to ask, so far how have the upgrades been going? I found out my model was a bulk order for a company hence its specs are slightly different from everyone else. Also any speed upgrades without changing hardware? i.e their new memory tech they were on...
  13. sean2e

    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Now that I can mention this comment without being sent to siberia, will this same guid work with my 4530s i5 HD300? just concerned about loosing USB 3.0?
  14. sean2e

    10.8.5 Update Available

    I have an i5 4530s and USB 3.0 is working great. I got it to work with the 6.1 beta I thinks..
  15. sean2e

    .4 Combo update fine, Appstore Killed it

    Hi all I did the 10.8.4 with the combo update, I always do easy beast and read before updates... But the appstore kept saying the .4 update was avalable and it was annoying so I didnt do anything about it for a week or so cos at the end of the day its a red dot and the occasional popup. Again i...
  16. sean2e

    Please Help -Failed to locate SMC driver

    how can i install smc if i cant get into it.... mine was working great on 10.8.4, I did it with the combo installer but the appstore kept saying i had the update and it was pissing me off. so i got the latest version of MB and i know i ticked Easybeast and now this is my issue! how do i get in???.
  17. sean2e

    [GUIDE] 4530s Display Upgrade to 1080p (Update: 2012-06-30)

    I guess if i want to see what kind of tax 1080 would/could put on the system I can just plug it into my tv. Im personally happy with the resolution (un till I see a retina MacBook ha ha) The reason I wanted 16gb is I used an audio plug-in for Garage Band that uses a lot of Ram. Again though...
  18. sean2e

    [GUIDE] 4530s Display Upgrade to 1080p (Update: 2012-06-30)

    First thanks heaps for the speedy reply RehabMan. I have two questions, Are you running 16gb of ram if so does the system allocate more then 512mb to the HD3000? secondly Being a higher Res I'm assuming will it affect video performance, i.e. The dock, launch pad and Notification Centre...
  19. sean2e

    [GUIDE] 4530s Display Upgrade to 1080p (Update: 2012-06-30)

    Just a quick question, Will the 1600x900 model in the link below work? (Its just a bit cheaper and I'm assuming less demand on the video card) If not is there a screen thats the native res that has better colour and viewing angles...
  20. sean2e

    What ram should I upgrade with? 4530s

    Can you really go up to 16gb? If so what does that do for the HD3000 onboard? because when i went from 4 to 8gb the system went from using 384Mb to 512mb of RAM.