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  1. bhandari45

    cannot boot without fake ig-platform-id

    hi, I cannot boot Mojave beta without fake ig-platform-id. it stuck for long time and screen get black.
  2. bhandari45

    sierra doesn't boot from HDD

    Hello Everyone, I have installed Sierra on my Samsung np350v5c-ae02ae laptop. everything is ok expect some known problems. El Capitan was working fine. problem details: I create bootable usb with clover in El Capitan. booting process was okay, as per guid...
  3. bhandari45

    wifi card BCM94352HMB not detected

    Hello everyone, I have install macos sierra on my laptop everything seems to be fine but i have problem with wifi , bluetooth is working. My wireless card is BCM94352HMB . It was fine with el capitan. Please help. I am posting from phone because of problem in wifi card. Thanks
  4. bhandari45

    help me to buy a laptop

    hi everyone , my laptop is unrepairable I want to buy a laptop that support mac os X. Please can you tell me which laptop is better for me I have budget around $600-800 Thanks
  5. bhandari45

    mac os x 10.10.x on samsung np350v5c-ao2ae

    hi everyone how can I boot dual os (os x and windows) I tried using unibest but it dose not work my laptop have uefi and it is preinstalled. please help