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  1. 27md

    SLOW SSD >> 960 evo getting 500-900 write

    i am on mac os mojave this problem have been going for quite a bit i think from mojave or high sierra i tested on windows i get full speeds i tried enabling / disabling trim force not working
  2. 27md

    Solved > intel hd not working properly

    so i updated to mojave 10.14.2 and now tho i got my intel hd to be recognized correctly its really stuttering also i have another problem with my ssd writes being less than half (it starts fast and starts slowing down at the end of the test) and slow boot (20s) my ssd is 960 evo my system specs...
  3. 27md

    boot with nvidia card wired

    is there anyway i can boot to mac os with nvidia card in the case but using intel hd? cause i don't want to keep plugging and unplugging the card every time i boot to mac os or windows
  4. 27md

    Will this wifi adapter work

    Will thw wifi adapter in the pic work ?
  5. 27md

    [Solved] how to use intel hd 630 in mojave

    I deleted the Nvidia web drivers, and now I want to switch to Intel HD I tried all youtube videos for High Sierra and none of them worked.
  6. 27md

    how to switch to intel gpu

    i installed Mojave then realized web drivers aren't out yet so is there a way to go back to intel drivers until Nvidia releases the web drivers ?
  7. 27md

    iCloud problem when logging in

    This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with “**” i started getting this every time i start my hackintosh since i tried to get i cloud to work how do i get it back to normal
  8. 27md

    install on another ssd

    I have hackintosh installed on hdd I want to do a clean installation to my ssd (not cloning to avoid any possible problems) if I open the install Mac OS high Sierra app and I choose my ssd to install it on will it work ?
  9. 27md

    Mouse and keyboard lag

    this happens to me usually in mc the mouse r G B turn off and it not respond for couple seconds and keyboard keeps pressing whatever key I was pressing
  10. 27md

    SSD slow boot

    am using Samsung ssd 960 evo which is best in class ssd and my pc still boots extremely slow almost 20 seconds on windows it boots in 5 I used amorphous benchmark and got the following read 3300 write 1200 the write speeds is extremely slow idk y any advise on what should I do bout this?
  11. 27md

    mouse lag

    when I am playing mc I notice a lot of mouse and kb lag that is not in windows my mouse is Logitech g pro / 203 my kb is Microsoft 850
  12. 27md

    mac os high sierra install problems

    whenever i try upgrading from mac os sierra to high sierra it gives me error appleacpicpu when i installed a kext that disables this it gave me error but then show apple logo with a weird bar under it then screen went black any idea of what i should do? what i tried: removing kexts from other...
  13. 27md

    [Solved] Ram issue

    my 4gb ram is always 100% used and swap used is mostly 30/200 mb in the past it didn't reach that high should I buy a 8 gb stick? is every ram stick compatible with Mac OS?
  14. 27md

    [Solved] gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0

    when i try to boot it would keep loading the bar uner the apple logo and then stop moving when i checked verbose it says gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 as the last thing then it doesnt do anything how can i fix this i was missing around with drives using hfs pargon and...
  15. 27md

    photos showing gray

    it shows like this
  16. 27md

    how do i update to mac os high sierra

    i currently have mac os sierra installed how do i upgrade to high sierra w/out reinstalling the mac os
  17. 27md

    how to read files from nvme m.2

    i have my windows installed on a 960 evo and i would like to copy some files to my hdd which i got my mac os on and i don't have a usb big enough can any one tell me how ? i am trying to copy a game files since they are probably same i ll install launcher for mac os then copy files have any one...
  18. 27md

    does iMessage require iPhone?

    can I use message with only mackintosh and no iPhone cuz I tried every thing and nothing worked
  19. 27md

    Fix gpu

    I have intel hd 630 it was flickering alot so i watched a yt video and did some changes in clover noe my screen dont work
  20. 27md

    can i install mac os on my pc?

    i5 7400 4gb ddr4 intel hd 630 gigabyte gaming 3 b250m