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  1. rabbit74

    r9 290X boots to black screen on Clover

    r9 290X boots to black screen on Clover [SOLVED] My R9 290X boots to black screen in 10.11 with Clover. I've tried with and without injection. (Injection should not be required for this card). Tried with and without framebuffers. It boots to full resolution when using Chameleon but I...
  2. rabbit74

    My Trouble with Clover

    I'm a long time user of Chameleon and recently started trying to Use Clover. My big trouble with Clover. I have several dives in my system and a Legacy BiOS on a 5 series board: I have 2 SSD Boot drives, one with 10.10 and one with 10.11 both have Chameleon as Bootloader. If I try to...
  3. rabbit74

    Suport for R9 290x in FakeSMC plugins

    I'd love to see support for R9 290x in fakeSMC plugins. I know it's possible based on current fakesmc tree. I have been able to get it to work but in the process lost cpu temps. But I am sure you guys know how to incorporate it correctly.
  4. rabbit74

    Comparison GTX-770 in OSX vs Win >50% difference

    So just for s***s and giggles I thought I'd see if there was any significant difference between OSX vs Win for my GTX-770. Turns out there is a sizable performance difference. I'd love it if some serious techy could explain why. I know the 2 systems handle graphics differently and Win is Using...
  5. rabbit74

    Yosemite Graphics Lag

    Yosemite Graphics Lag [SOLVED] This post is my documentation of Graphics Lag in Yosemite. I want to try to narrow down the causes of Graphics Lag. Config; GE=No: GTX-770,M1(DP)@3200x1800//M2(HDMi)@1080p These apps seem to cause lag intermittently: XBMC Gotham Chrome Canary Opera...
  6. rabbit74

    How to Use GTX-470 and GTX-770 together? Possible?

    I am currently running GTX-770 and a Radeon™ HD 6850 together in Yosemite. This is possible because they both run with GE=NO and separate drivers are loaded for each on boot. However, I'd like to get my GTX-470 running at the same time as my GTX-770. But it seems like the OS will only load...
  7. rabbit74

    X58A-UD5 - 10.10 install notes

    This is not a full guide, just notes on configuration changes in 10.10 (This is a Board specific guide). Initially on fresh install i couldn't boot because error: cant' find mach_kernel Fixed by removing the following from org.chameleon.Boot.plist (Thanks MacMan) <key>Kernel</key>...
  8. rabbit74

    Radeon HD 6850 and GTX-470 working side by side

    Hi Folks. It's been a while. I been doing some monkeying around with graphics getting ready for 4K and discovered something by accident. Radeon HD 6850 and GTX-470 working side by side With max 4 screens @ 1080p running simultaneously Running Mavericks 10.9.3 with Chimera 3.0.1 GE=Yes...
  9. rabbit74

    Consider removing AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext frpm Multi-beast

    I have tested AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext with Gigabyte boards on 10.7 and 10.8. It is a problematic kext on all systems. I recommend all users avoiding it. It causes persistent system wide problems that are difficult to remove once it has been used. Problems persist even after it is...
  10. rabbit74

    apple > linen

    Make your own graphic and add it to this post. A quiet protest to the linen theft of my second screen. If you've seen another place where I can post my graphic where it might have a greater impact please post back.
  11. rabbit74

    Updating FakeSMC [A Guide]

    MultiBeast 5.0.2 is designed to remove old FakeSMC components and replace them with the new ones. I have had mixed results in the past so I decided to compile some information regarding FakeSMC and its components. You can do a straight upgrade from multiBeast but if you run into troubles you can...
  12. rabbit74

    Per app volume control?

    Anyone know a way in OSX to control or present volume Per Application? I found this one: But wondering if there is a way to accomplish the same thing with OSX itself? r.
  13. rabbit74

    GTX-470 Memory leak in ML fix?

    [Solved]GTX-470 Memory leak in ML fix? In ML I can use my GTX-470 for about 20 minutes and then its memory gets maxed out and the system studders then locks up. Any news on a fix? Anyone else have this issue? I'm using my 6850 instead which works great but says memory maxed even though it...
  14. rabbit74

    GA-X58A-UD5 - ML Guide and one question (Sleep)

    GA-X58A-UD5 - ML Guide Mountain Lion works perfectly on my GA-X58A-UD5 except for sleep. Hardware: GA-X58A-UD5 Radeon 6850 Install Guide: (from Scratch - not an upgrade guide) Step one: Download and install ML tonymacx86 Blog: UniBeast 1.5 Update Multibeast Setup DSDT is...
  15. rabbit74

    i7-980x and speedstep - A little help please

    Sorry I should know the answer to this and should have tried speedstep long ago, but just haven't. Is speedstep necessary on i7-980x? I recently enabled it in the bios and have added the following to org.chameleon.Boot.plist: <key>GenerateCStates</key> <string>Yes</string>...
  16. rabbit74

    GTX-470 - Open CL weird Lag in Chrome.

    Just wanted to give some feedback after trying the new open CL patch with 10.7.3 and GTX-470. After installing the patch and getting OpenCL running Chrome started lagging, really bad. Mouse scrolling lag, right click lag, control-tab lag. Really quite severe. I tried a bunch of different...
  17. rabbit74

    MultiBeast 4.3 - 10.7.3Combo OpenCL Enabler -no boot{SOLVED}

    Hi guys I just wanted to let you know I tried the latest MultiBeast 4.3 with 10.7.3 Combo OpenCL Enabler on GTX-470 System wouldn't boot after update. I am running Lion 10.7.3, with Chimera 1.8 and have done the latest nVidia updates for the card, (Retail_270.00.00f01) The card worked before...
  18. rabbit74

    How to force, Don't mount one partition on Boot?

    How to force, Don't mount one partition on Boot? This might sound strange so let me explain. I have several drives and one is just a partition with Snow Leo on it. I never use it but it is there because occasionally I have the need to boot into Snow. I know I could hide it but actually i...
  19. rabbit74

    Mission Control optimization. Better workflow ideas

    Hey Everybody. I'd love to see people post here how they are using Mission Control to get more work done. Let's keeps the comments to the positive and productive side. (we already know what isn't great about it) What are you doing different with Mission Control to work faster or more...
  20. rabbit74

    Alternatives to the RED Rocket for processing RED footage?

    Hey folks Looking for a method to process RED footage without buying a 5000USD RED Rocket graphics card. Anyone using any other hardware to process RED footage? right now using my 980x and HD6850 is really slow. also have SD boot, Raid, 10Gigs 2000Mhz RAM. Nothing about my system is slow but...