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  1. khora02

    Onboard HDMI graphics (Motherboard) keeps flickering

    Recently updated my build to Mac OS Sierra using my GPU HDMI port. (Radeon 280x) I'm now trying to utilise the onboard HDMI as sleep doesn't work with my GPU and I keep getting a flickering issue. How do I fix this?
  2. khora02

    Windows boots after 15 minutes

    I've upgraded my system so it now holds an SSD. SSD: Mac OS Sierra SSHD: Windows. The problem I'm having is with the Windows boot. It takes 15 minutes to boot in to Windows after selecting it from the Clover boot screen. Mac OS X boots perfectly fine. After selecting Windows on Clover Boot...
  3. khora02

    Dual boot with extra partition

    Hi, How would I go about dual booting on two separate HDDs but with an extra partition on one HD to cater for my Mac files. My situation is that I have an 128GB SSD and a 2TB SSHD. I want to dual boot both Mac OS and Windows however, on the SSD I want Mac OS Sierra and on the SSHD I want 1TB...
  4. khora02

    Can I directly update to Mac OS Sierra?

    Is it possible for me to directly update to Mac OS Sierra if I have two OS's installed on one HDD? Is no, would I have to do a clean install?
  5. khora02

    [SOLVED] Which SMBIOS to install Sierra?

    Can someone direct me to which SMBIOS I could use for my build so I am able to download and install OS X Sierra? I'm currently running Mac 3,1 however, I'm told this Mac isn't compatible for OS X Sierra. Any help would be appreciated. CPU: Intel i5 4460 Quad Core GPU: Radeon R9 280 Mobo...
  6. khora02

    How do I know what SMBIOS to choose?

    Can someone give me a briefing on which SMBIOS to choose. Currently my SMBIOS is that of an Early 2008 iMac however, I am now not able to download Sierra and I would like to. How can I configure an SMBIOS that I know will work for my Hackintosh?
  7. khora02

    System won't wake after few hours sleep

    Hi, So my build works perfectly fine except one thing. If i set my build to sleep i am able to wake it from sleep and resume working with ease. This works fine however, when i keep my system sleeping for a few hours i am not able to wake it from sleep mode and have to reboot. Is there a fix...
  8. khora02

    [SOLVED] No Audio after sleep

    I've installed this driver for my mobo however, upon waking from sleep i am not receiving any audio sound from my speakers. How can i fix this? Mobo - H81M S2H. MultiBeast - Select: Drivers > Audio > Realtek ALCxxx > √ ALC 887 Current. Running El Capitan 10.11.6
  9. khora02

    Automatic wake after sleep

    So my PC automatically wakes after selecting Sleep from the Apple Menu. Connections: - Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse - HDMI in Mobo - Intel 4000 Running El Capitan - 10.11.6
  10. khora02

    Which Ethernet Driver do i install?

    Hi guys, What Ethernet driver shall i install to get my internet working via Ethernet? Mobo - Gigabyte H81m-S2H Thanks
  11. khora02

    [SOLVED] Post UEFI Windows install Grey Screen

    So, i recently installed both Mac OS X and Windows in UEFI mode on the same HDD. Once installed i was able to boot into Windows with ease. No problems whatsoever. Now just randomly i received a 'grey' screen. I rebooted my PC and then selected the Windows partition but I'm stuck with a grey...
  12. khora02

    Is my motherboard UEFI or BIOS?

    Is this motherboard UEFI or BIOS? I've checked the website and it says UEFI BIOS. Gigabyte H81M-S2H
  13. khora02

    Sleep issue

    Hi, System won't go into sleep mode when prompted to. Any fix for this?
  14. khora02

    How do i update my system?

    Hi, I'm following these two guides to Software Update my system. Am i going the right way about it or do i need to recreate a UniBeast USB?
  15. khora02

    Reboot and select proper boot device after Software Update

    So i updated El Capitan to 10.11.6 via Mac App Store but after updating upon the restart i received the error: 'Reboot and select proper boot device' I'm able to boot in to El Capitan via USB and that's how i'm currently posting. I've tried to reconfigure my EFI/CLOVER/config.plist using CC and...
  16. khora02

    UEFI or Legacy to Dual Boot

    Hi, To be able to dual boot using El Capitan and Windows 10, what is the best configuration to go with? UEFI or Legacy? I'm planning on partitioning one HDD with 2 partitions. One for Mac OS X and one for Windows 10. What shall i go with? Please also link dual boot guides if possible.
  17. khora02

    Can't boot into Windows

    So to dual boot Windows from the Clover Boot Screen I followed this guide: Managed to complete the entire guide but I'm still not able to boot into Windows Partition from the Clover...
  18. khora02

    Grey screen when trying to boot from HD.

    Managed to dual boot my hard drive with El Capitan and Win 10. Able to boot from USB but can't boot via hard drive. Clover boot screen shows up and I'm able to select OS but after selection I'm greeted with a Black/Grey screen. Ran Post Installation Tools Ran Multibeast for Bootloader Ran...
  19. khora02

    Black screen after installing

    Hi, So I'm running into a slight problem. I've managed to dual boot my system with both windows and El Capitan. Also managed to install the Clover boot loader using Multibeast after installation. I now have a problem when trying to boot up any OS. Upon taking the bootable USB out I boot up...
  20. khora02

    Installing El Capitan on another partition

    So i have Windows 10 installed on a partition. Am i able to now install El Capitan on a secondary partition and thereafter dual boot my PC? Or will this not work as El Capitan should've been installed first?