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  1. LSP

    Boot picker and Chime not working Opencore on Catalina 10.15.4

    I recently added Opencore Gui and Bootchime to my Catalina 10.15.4 build using OpenCore 0.5.8 on Board: Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH i7 6700 K Sapphire RX580 8GB Original Apple Extreme on PCi adaptor Samsung 970 500GB After updating settings I reboot and clear NVRAM via the selection in the GUI and I...
  2. LSP

    Success! Conversion from Clover to OpenCore 0.5.7 on Skylake Z170X-ud5 th and RX580

    I Started this project due to the fact that I could not resolve a sleep wake issue that started since I upgraded to Catalina 10.15.4. I previously went through all the guides and created an SSDT for Clover for my USB ports which appeared to have initially caused the problem back in Mojave. That...
  3. LSP

    Can’t get custom ringtones to load for my contacts on Catalina

    I can’t get my custom ringtones to work on Catalina. They’re in my iTunes folder, they work on my phone but I cannot select them via my contacts. Do I need to move them to a different location?If so where? Please help
  4. LSP

    Mojave 10.14.1 crashes and reboots when it goes to sleep

    Sleep worked fine until I upgraded to 10.14.1. Now every time it goes to sleep it crashes and reboots. Ive tried fix shutdown, changing dark wake settings to 0 with no success. These are the error msgs I get. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. LSP

    sleep stopped working correctly after update to 10.14.1

    Lost sleep functionality after I updated to10.14.1. When I would allow it to go to sleep on its own when I went to wake it up I get the "Your computer restarted because of a problem. This is the part of the report hit generated. I had no issues prior It appears that it crashes and restarts when...
  6. LSP

    Mojave APFS Questions

    It is my understanding that Mojave will automatically convert HFS+ to APFS even on a HDD. I previously installed High Sierra on a HDD and cloned it to my Samsung 960 m.2 NVME so it didn't convert. I also understand that there are issues with APFS on NVME drives. Has anyone had experience running...
  7. LSP

    Successful Installation of PB 6 - USB working.

    Upgraded to Mojave Public Beta 6 with no issues. everything works. One issue but resolved. Im running a custom SSDT for usb natively with the port limit patch as I have more than 15 ports. lost some of the ports upon first boot. Had to add USBinjectall.kext to Clover /kexts/other and reboot to...
  8. LSP

    After Updating 10.13.6, Lose Audio After Sleep/Wakeup

    Just discovered a new problem for me. Updated to 10.13.6 without issue using clover 4586, refreshed audio and updated to latest of Nvidia web,lilu and Nvidia graphics fixup. Didn't notice the problem as I shutdown at night but just discovered that I lose audio after waking from sleep. Need to...
  9. LSP

    10.13.4 Security update fails

    Get unable to install MacOS installer resources can't be found. Ive attached the installer log if anyone can make sense of it May 2 02:23:31 localhost opendirectoryd[186]: opendirectoryd (build 483.500) launched - installer mode May 2 02:23:31 localhost opendirectoryd[186]: [default] Failed...
  10. LSP

    Hard drive doesn't show up in clover when install first reboots

    My system Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4 UEFI Geforce GT 640 Samsung 850 SSD 250 GB 16 gig memory I have a Sierra install 10.12.6 with latest updates running perfectly. tTo test I cloned to a seagate HD and then followed the install instructions. I needed to change sys def to iMac 13,2 from 12,1 in...
  11. LSP

    Black Screen after 10.12.5 update Z68XP and GT640

    Black screen on boot after update. nv_disable=1 got video back but lost acceleration and resolution. Sys prefs doesn't recognize as GT640 and cannot recognize the Apple Cinema display anymore. All worked perfectly in 10.12.4 Anyone have any ideas as too how to fix this so the card and monitor...
  12. LSP

    El Capitan won't finish install. Hangs on apple logo and full progress bar

    El Capitan won't finish install. Hangs on apple logo and full progress bar. System is Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 UEFI bios EVGA Geforce GT640 16Gig Crucial Ram Apple Wifi/Bluetooth Samsung 850 SSD 250GB I successfully ran Mavericks, upgraded to Yosemite in legacy mode successfully. Installed El...
  13. LSP

    ML only boots with ignore caches selected any help appreciated

    Successfully installed ML by swapping out video card to 8400GS for USB install then replaced with Sapphire 6570 and rebooted into ML. Ran multibeast and rebooted no problem. When I restarted it won't get past this (see image in attachment)...
  14. LSP

    10.6.7 loads with iBoot but not from hard drive

    installed SL 10.6.7 successfully using Multibeast 3.80 however when I reboot from the hard drive it hangs on the apple screen. If I use iBoot to start (using chimera 1.4.1) i can then boot. Any thoughts anyone?