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  1. JoseValenciaGomez

    First Build! > MSI H81M-E33 | Intel Core i7 4770 | Sapphire R9-270X

    My First Build: MSI H81M-E33 - Intel Core i7 4770 - Sapphire R9-270X Components MicroATX Computer Case with 400W Motherboard MSI H81M-E33...
  2. JoseValenciaGomez

    What's the cheapest computer you can install El Capitan on?

    That's my question. I want to buy a computer to install, upgrade, try out new OSs, without being computerless if I break it. I want it to be my spare computer. Could be the mini ITX sort of thing. I know there's a buyer's guide, but want to make sure I don't spend unnecessarily. Any suggestions?
  3. JoseValenciaGomez

    Ready to try Again. Am I Compatible?

    So, this is my story: I have tried several times throughout my life (I'm in the early 30s) to install Hackintosh in 2 different computers and 1 laptop. I have never succeeded. I turn to other things after every failure but I just can't get this out of my mind, am too obsessed and too much of a...