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  1. tominabox1

    Was working fine, changed something now panics at boot

    Hey guys I was having some issues with a USB device so in my attempt to fix it I modified some bios settings or clover config settings and now I can't boot into HS. Here's my bios screenshots and my clover folder. I've tried everything I can think of. board is z170m Mortar, i7-6700k, gtx1080...
  2. tominabox1

    Gigabyte H370N WiFi install woes

    I'm attempting to give my wife a new computer using the following components: h370n wifi mobo i3-8100 Crucial Sport 2x8gig memory Samsung 970 NVMe m.2 SSD (250 GiB) Using Unibeast I've managed to get the USB to boot to the installer but after following the instructions, the first boot off the...
  3. tominabox1

    Clover doesn't wake screen with GTX 1080

    I tried searching but couldn't find the right keywords - I had everything working with my 960 and upgraded to 1080 and now my display sleeps when clover comes up. I have OS X set to auto boot so it will boot and work fine but I can't see the GUI to select my windows disk, although if I time...
  4. tominabox1

    Asus ROG 1080 STRIX?

    Has anyone tried one yet?
  5. tominabox1

    [Success] Sierra on MSI z170M Mortar, i7 6700K

    Hello All! This is not my first hackintosh build but it is the first one I had a lot of trouble with getting going. In addition, there’s very few guides on MSI boards so I thought I’d share in the hopes of helping someone in need. I’m also dual booting Windows 10/macOS on 2 separate SSDs...
  6. tominabox1

    Converting H97 Sierra install to Z170

    I had a working install on my old H97 system, I'm trying to bring it to a new system based on the Z170M Mortar board from MSI. I have a 6700k as well. I can boot to clover but when I do without caches and -v I get this: Now I'm sure there's some clover stuff I will...
  7. tominabox1

    Yosemite 2015-005 update?

    I just installed 10.10.5 on my machine and App store has a few updates for me, mostly software but there's this 2015-005 security update in there. How should I go about installing it so I can make the notification stop bothering me?
  8. tominabox1

    Dual boot with Win 7 and El Capitan

    I have El Cap installed and windows 7 (on the same disk) but when I install Clover, the computer still boots to Windows by default and I don't see anything else in the boot list in my bios. Windows will not boot at all if I disable legacy boot in my bios. Any ideas? At this point I'm pretty...