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  1. Tendersound

    Shaky screen on grey background

    I have tried changing resolutions, color profiles, Graphic Glitch Fix is installed, and Radeon graphics disabled in BIOS. But still for some reason, when on grey background (and sometimes white), screen is a bit shaky on those areas that have these colors, such as here in this forum. Also...
  2. Tendersound

    Virtual machines in VirtualBox - Has anyone got it working?

    [SOLVED] Virtual machines in VirtualBox - Has anyone got it working? Hi, I just returned to using Windows for a while for 3 reasons, one being that I couldn't manage to create virtual machines while having Mac, plus I wanted to update my BIOS to F40 and also extract a native/clean DSDT using...
  3. Tendersound

    Overheating and graphics glitches

    Hi, although everything is working perfectly, I have 2 issues: - Overheating. It will boot at around 50 Celsius, but my work is pretty intensive, so after a while it reaches up to 90 Celsius. At around 80 degrees, it will start going extremely slow, and at 90 it freezes completely, so I have to...
  4. Tendersound

    Update 10.8.2

    Hello. Anybody of you developers out there checked out the 10.8.2 update? Besides the Facebook integration and other features, some say that battery time is improved significantly. I'd like to see if this upcoming update will make things on our Probook better or worse.
  5. Tendersound

    Bluetooth and card reader not recognized

    Hi. After updating to Mountain Lion update 10.8.1, my Bluetooth stopped working. Also my card reader never worked ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion. Any ideas how to fix these, or which kexts I should install? Full specs on my signature. Thanks in advance. Edit: Oh and one more thing...