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  1. frenchyinmunich

    Which Bootloaders for Gigabyte GA68X-UD3H-B3?

    Hello, It seems that my Bootloaders is wrong. I used a Legacy Boot Mode and I am not sure if it was correct. I principally don't want to use a graphic card and want to use the built-in from the I7 CPU 3770k My BIOS is a F12 If I don't use any graphic board, I shouldn't select any graphic card...
  2. frenchyinmunich

    Which macOS - Gigabyte GA-Z68X

    Hello, I have as well a Gigabyte GA Z68 X -UD3H-B3. I would like to be able to install SSD Drive on this mother board. At the moment at the start up, the bios mention that it recognizes only SATA and USB drives... Do you know which latest OSX would fit to this motherboard. The Graphic cart is...
  3. frenchyinmunich

    Kext SNBGraphics FB troubles, duplicat

    Hello, I wish you all first an happy new year! Well, my Mountain Lion was perfectly working and "something happened" which created the following mistake. Hopefully I can start in Safe mode with the -v -x command. Is there a possibility to repair this mistake from the Safe mode? What should I...
  4. frenchyinmunich

    Difficulties to boot after having connected another Display

    Good afternoon, My computer was perfectly working since 2012. Recently, I decided to try to use 2 displays connecting them to my Graphic Card. During the boot, it created a black screen on boths displays. I removed one, and now, if I want to restart the computer like initially, it is nearly...
  5. frenchyinmunich

    FireWire not anymore working OSX 10.8.2 ML

    Dear all sorry to redit the topic, but I really need asap to get my firewire working... Is there someone here who has an idea? Best regards, F
  6. frenchyinmunich

    FireWire not anymore working OSX 10.8.2 ML

    dear all, after some reboot, my Firewire port is not anymore recognized. It worked many years correctly until the electricity stopped suddenly in my room. Is there someone here who could help me please? Thanks in advance, F