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  1. SyntheCypher

    Second monitor stuck in 1080p

    Maybe I need to modify my EDID? Can someone give me a ELI5 regarding what the purpose of EDID is?
  2. SyntheCypher

    Second monitor stuck in 1080p

    I have two Dell P2715Q 27" Ultra HD 4K Monitors but unfortunately only the first connected monitor to the GPU via DisplayPort with display the full 3840x2160 resolution the other one is stuck on 1920x1080. If I unplug the first monitor and leave only the second one connected (in the same port...
  3. SyntheCypher

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

    Can someone please explain what is required to get the latest NVIDIA WebDriver working with macOS Sierra? I'm getting a lot of mixed feedback regarding whether we should be using nvda_drv=1 as stated in the OP where as others in this thread have said that we should be not using nvda_drv=1 but...
  4. SyntheCypher

    980Ti not working

    I updated to macOS Sierra but haven't had much chance getting my Nvidia Drivers working with my 980Ti. I saw in this post that these are the only drivers that are released for macOS Sierra. I uninstalled the previous ones and installed these, set nvda_drv=1 in Clover Configurator but not joy...
  5. SyntheCypher

    Sierra+GTX960+WebDriver+NvidiaWeb: True_But Failed

    Where exactly do you add NvidiaWeb=True I can't see where in clover configurator.
  6. SyntheCypher

    Kernel Extensions in backtrace

    Attempting to boot to my Clover USB with El Capitan on the following hardware. Asus P8Z77-I DELUXE, Intel Z77 Intel Core i3 3220, S 1155, Ivy Bridge I've set the BIOS to what was recommended in the instructions and I'm attempting to boot the driver with the -x -v -f flags.
  7. SyntheCypher

    Windows parititon not showing in Clover

    In my EFI partition I only have the following folders, should I have a Microsoft directory as well with the Windows boot file?
  8. SyntheCypher

    Windows parititon not showing in Clover

    Just noticed in Clover Configurator that for some reason by default it is hiding a volume called Windows along with \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI. I removed the entry Windows entry and it showed up in Clover. (I'm not sure if this is the right partition maybe it's Window's EFI partition?) In the...
  9. SyntheCypher

    Windows parititon not showing in Clover

    My OSX Yosemite parititon recently died due to Invalid node structure (corruption) so I decided to reinstall to the same partition with El Capitan and update the bootloader to Clover. I installed it all successfully and can boot to the new OSX partition from the Clover bootloader installed on...
  10. SyntheCypher

    Invalid node structure

    Attempted to boot to my OS X partition today and found it failed to boot and just shutdown. Ran it in verbose mode and got the following log. It appears that the volume failed to verify because of Invalid node structure so I can only assume that some how the partition has been corrupted. I...
  11. SyntheCypher

    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    I installed the SSDT edits correctly using the guide for my Nvidia Geforce 980Ti with Nvidia Web Driver. I used SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0.aml matching the ID I saw in IORegistryExplorer. After restarting my Output devices showed my monitor which is connected via DisplayPort and the audio does work...
  12. SyntheCypher

    Intel WiFi Driver Effort

    Is there any hope in hell that this driver will work for a Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000?
  13. SyntheCypher

    Reinstalling Clover Legacy Boot after Windows 10?

    Does it have to be the EFI partition or the OSX partition? I've made the OSX partition active through fdisk, but it's still not booting correctly. Starting Ending #: id cyl hd sec - cyl hd sec [ start - size]...
  14. SyntheCypher

    Reinstalling Clover Legacy Boot after Windows 10?

    Do I have to make the partition active from Windows or can I do it from El Capitan? /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *256.1 GB disk0 1...
  15. SyntheCypher

    Reinstalling Clover Legacy Boot after Windows 10?

    I've partitioned my drive with the El Capitan Installer into two partitions FAT and Journaled. I installed El Capitan to the Journaled partition, I then installed Clover using MultiBeast. After that I installed Windows 10 to the FAT partition. It seems Windows 10 has overwritten the Clover...
  16. SyntheCypher

    Nvidia GT 445M with El Capitan

    Did you install El Capitan with Clover and UEFI Boot Mode? Because I couldn't find any UEFI options in the BIOS and I have the latest BIOS version from Dell (apparently) A10. So if you managed it with UEFI Boot Mode I would love to know how.
  17. SyntheCypher

    Dell XPS L701X Installation

    I've read your post but there is no FAQ about the installation getting stuck at the point I've shown in the installer logs.
  18. SyntheCypher

    Dell XPS L701X Installation

    Installer is stuck at this point what should I do?
  19. SyntheCypher

    Dell XPS L701X Installation

    I've created the bootable USB with El Capitan and UniBeast I had to use the Legacy Boot option because I'm pretty sure the BIOS on this laptop doesn't support UEFI. Anyways, I got the installation to boot from Clover with the nv_disable=1 boot flag. However, the trackpad and built-in...