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  1. N8261D

    Lenovo Flex 4-1480 No audio, battery status, wrong graphics. Help identify trackpad

    Hello all. I have just purchased a Lenovo Flex 4-1480 (specs below) and successfully installed macOS Mojave on it. I had to switch out the qualcomm wifi card for a DW1830, but other than that, all is good. The graphics are working great. Most things seem to be good right now. However, I can't...
  2. N8261D

    Preparing to Hackintosh Lenovo Flex 4 (14") i5-7200U 256GB SSD

    Hello all, I am getting ready to Hackintosh my second laptop. I am watching an auction on eBay for a Lenovo Flex 4 (14") with an i5-7200U, 8 GB DDR4, and a 256GB SSD. As usual, the wifi won't work, so I am pulling the DW1830 from my previous build. Does anybody know if this particular laptop has...
  3. N8261D

    (Upgrading?) GPU in Ivy Bridge System

    Hello all. I currently am running Mojave 10.14.2 and am using a GT 740 SC which worked OOB. My brother needs a GPU and I found a GTX 650 TI and was wondering if that is compatible with macOS Mojave OOB, or if I need kexts or a patched DSDT, etc. Obviously if it requires web drivers then it is...
  4. N8261D

    Get New, more recent Apple Chime on boot

    Hi All. I have recently gotten my Optiplex 7010 100% working. I was wondering if there was a way to get the boot chime to sound during startup? I have seen several threads like this, but they all have it as an app that runs after login and it is the older sound, whereas I want the newer one. I...
  5. N8261D

    JBOD won't work. Help with LVM?

    Hey guys. I tried creating 2 partitions on both a HDD and an SSD. I want the fast boot times, but I want all the User files and applications to be stored on a HDD as I only have a 120GB SSD and I want to put Windows 10 on it as well. Anyway, I took one partition from each drive and created a...
  6. N8261D

    JBOD RAID for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10

    Hello. I have a 120GB SSD that I would like to have both HS and W10 installed on. However, I cannot find a way to have macOS store my documents, desktop, etc. folders on the spare HDD that I have. I would like to have macOS and W10 recognize half the HDD and half the SSD as a single drive, two...
  7. N8261D

    DW1830 m.2 to PCI-e Adapter

    Hello, I have the DW1830 m.2 card, but am looking for a PCI-e adapter for it in my desktop. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  8. N8261D

    Very slow clover boot up.

    My Dell Optiplex 7010 is booting up extremely slow, but it does work 100% when it finally boots. Time is probably about 2-3 minutes. Any idea how to shave this time down? Most of the time it spends is booting from the dell logo to clover and it takes a long time at the user settings and where it...
  9. N8261D

    M.2 to PCI-e adapter for DW1830 wireless card

    Hello, I am looking for an M.2 to PCI-e adapter that has three antennas. One for bluetooth and the other two for my usual WiFi. I know this card is compatible out of the box, I just need a way to plug it in. Thanks!
  10. N8261D

    Keyboard/Mouse not always working on boot

    Hello. I have my Dell Optiplex 7010 running with Intel HD 4000 Graphics and it is all running great except a lot of times on boot the keyboard and mouse will not work. The mouse will show the red laser but won't move, and the keyboard will turn on the caps lock light, but won't type. Any help is...
  11. N8261D

    USB Keyboard Mouse not working at boot

    I have tried using @trs96 guide for the Optiplex 7010 with HD 4000 Graphics and I have High Sierra installed on my Hackintosh and Graphics are working. The only problem I am having, is that 9/10 that I boot into the system, I cannot use my USB keyboard and mouse. I know they are getting power...
  12. N8261D

    m.2 WiFi/BT to PCI-e x1 adaptor

    I have the DW1830 (natively supported on macOS) which uses the m.2 interface, but I need an adaptor to put it into a PCI-e x1 slot. I have found some adaptors, but they don't seem to make the Bluetooth work WITH the WiFi. I would like to have WiFi and bluetooth, so if anybody knows of a good...
  13. N8261D

    Mojave compatible GPU for under $40

    Hello everyone I was wondering if any of you know where I can get a Mojave compatible GPU for less than $40. I have found a good deal on an Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 on ebay and was wondering if this was compatible, and if not, what is an alternative option? Thanks in advanced
  14. N8261D

    New Intel Core i3/i5 or Ryzen 3 2200G build

    Hello. This will be the fourth computer I attempt to Hackintosh. I was wondering, what are some CPU's that I can get for under $100 that are supported and have supported Graphics in macOS High Sierra, and maybe even Mojave? I really would like to do a Ryzen 3 2200G build as I hear that is one of...
  15. N8261D

    Cannot boot into High Sierra for the first time

    Hi there. I have a Dell Optiplex 380 and just upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra. I had to update my Lilu.kext in my EFI partition because Clover would be stuck in a boot loop when trying to boot to the HS Install. So I did that then I was able to install High Sierra but now that it is...
  16. N8261D

    Dell Latitude E7440 Intel Core i7-4600U Intel 4400 Graphics

    Hello all, I need help installing macOS on my Dell Latitude E7440. I have the Snow Leopard Install Disk and the iBoot Haswell Disk for the 4th Gen Intel CPU. Can someone walk me through the installation? I checked all the install forums and found nothing. PLEASE HELP!
  17. N8261D

    Need Help With iMessage, FaceTime, & iCloud on Dell Optiplex 7010

    Hello All. I have followed nearly every guide I can find on iMessage, and they haven't worked at all. I even asked people with the exact same Hackintosh as me what they did. I tried doing what they did, and still, it didn't work. I always get the error that "An error occurred during activation...
  18. N8261D

    AMD Radeon HD 7470 Screen Resolution Help

    So I have my AMD Radeon HD 7470 Graphics Card working. The only problem is the screen resolution. It is 1280x1024, but my displays Native Resolution is 1920x1080. I have tried setting that as my resolution in clover configurator, and I have tried holding alt/option when selecting scaled in...
  19. N8261D

    Need help Upgrading to High Sierra

    Hello All. I have an OEM Dell OptiPlex 7010 Desktop. The Graphics Card, Motherboard and CPU are all factory. The only thing I have done is taken the 4GB of RAM, and Upgraded it to 10GB. Now I want to do a hackintosh build, and I have OS X Snow Leopard installed, but I want to upgrade to El...
  20. N8261D

    Need to know if motherboard is compatible.

    Hello All. I have an OEM Dell OptiPlex 7010 Desktop. The Graphics Card, Motherboard and CPU are all factory. The only thing I have done is taken the 4GB of RAM, and Upgraded it to 10GB. Now I want to do a hackintosh build, and I have OS X Snow Leopard installed, but I want to upgrade to El...