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  1. photoGrant

    No Quicksync ?

    No one else have issues with no quicksync ? Onboard HDMI plugged in only = works. As soon as a monitor is plugged into one of the GPU's we have noooo quicksync. No fast h264 rendering :(
  2. photoGrant

    i7 6700k / 980Ti / 1080Ti / Integrated graphics & quicksync

    Hello! I have everything currently working minus I THINK quick sync for the CPU integrated graphics. The 980Ti is recognized, the 1080Ti is recognized, and Intel HD Graphics also exists. Airplay mirroring works, etc. BUT! I still don't think quick sync is working properly so I don't believe I...
  3. photoGrant

    GPU - 980 Ti Full Speed Fan Issue

    Hi all, I've tried to get my 980 Ti to work correctly but sadly the one thing that is a problem still, is fan control. Weirdly if I remove all aspects of fan control (The FakeSMC Plugins kexts, plugins,etc) I'll reboot, things still boot... But the fan speeds and card temps are read correctly...