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  1. gt306

    Aorus z390 pro wifi cpu temp

    Hi, Has anybody been able to read CPU temps on this board using open core & Big Sur? Thanks Just figured it out, a few more kexts to install for the sensors to work..
  2. gt306

    Open Core EFI works with Big Sur Beta

    All, Attached is a copy of my Open Core EFI that I just created & replaced my old Clover boot loader. My hardware is the following: Aorus Z390 Pro WIFI, I8700K, internal GPU, 16 gig of ram, & and SSD HD. Hope it helps... Thanks
  3. gt306

    Catalina Install Failure

    If anybody could take a look at my below boot log it would be appreciated. I have been trying to update my Catalina version for several weeks now without any luck. Please let myself know if you seen any obvious issues.... Thanks in advanced. 0:100 0:100 MemLog inited, TSC freq: 3696503440...