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  1. flordetoxo

    Audio RX5500xt

    hello friends I don't have audio on rx 5500 xt can someone help me thank you very much
  2. flordetoxo

    Catalina does not turn off

    everything works correctly except that when I turn it off it restarts again, some solution thank you very much
  3. flordetoxo

    rx 5500 xt

    hello can someone help me install I buy a new graphics card amd radeon RX 5500 Xt but when I start it sa black screen I already have 1000 € and this does not work Please help
  4. flordetoxo

    not turn off

    helps everything installed but when I turn off it stays there and does not turn off
  5. flordetoxo


    Hello friends I finally managed to install Catalina, except that I do not have acceleration of Intel 630 or GTX 550 graphics; ademar when I turn it off it hangs and does not turn off I have to give the reestart button. some solution because I have been fighting with him for 15 days
  6. flordetoxo

    Catalina Won't Boot After Installation

    Everything installed, but there is no start when I install bootloader with MultiBeast. It gives me an error I can only start with USB.
  7. flordetoxo

    instal catalina

    hello I do everything correct but when I get to Disk Utility my hard drives do not appear; any solution thanks
  8. flordetoxo

    nvidia 550

    drivers for Nvidia 550 ti
  9. flordetoxo

    El capitan

    I net help for via vt1708s please