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  1. jefazo2k5

    Big sur "about this Mac" wrong image.

    Hi , need some help with one issue. I have installed Big sur on my x99 (atermiter chinese board) , Via update. Have working Gfx(rx580),Sound(ALC892),Wifi(tplink-tlwn881nd), And left one issue. The about this mac logo is from CATALINA . I was looking for about this issue in forum but only...
  2. jefazo2k5

    shutdown when loging

    Hi , i need some help . I have my asus k53sj with high sierra installation, i´ve applied acpi,battery and all fix patch , and seems to be ok. But I have some issue with battery ,with less 80% of battery , the laptop shutdown after log . if i put AC adapter i have no problem , but only with...
  3. jefazo2k5

    [solved] System launch shutdown when loggin with battery

    Hi to all! Have some problems when boot , the same issue in yosemite, el capitán, sierra and highsierra. When i have less of 80% of battery, and power on my laptop only with battery ,system suddenly shuts down after logging.(tried with other users , guest. and disabling the user...
  4. jefazo2k5

    [solved] Acpi battery manager sudden shutdown when installed.

    hi to all! need some help with my laptop. I´m trying with my ASUS k53sj high sierra, I think I have well patched DSDT , I think patch for disable the discrete card is the problem , ^(Asus named gfx0 the discrete and integrated graphic card) but changing some patch entries I think is ok. The...
  5. jefazo2k5

    ar9285 150 mb on linux 65 on yosemite

    Hi to all , I read that some people have the same problem. but attributed the problem to the router here two pics form linux and mac.
  6. jefazo2k5

    sony vaio fit only powers on when is wall plugged

    Hello , need some help with my laptop. this issue occur in august and write some post , but i was work outside those months. Procesor: Intel core I7 4500u Ram:8gb Igpu:Intel 4400 (intelAzulFb=12) Osx:Mavericks 10.9 Bootloader:Chimera I thing that all is full working , but i can´t power on...
  7. jefazo2k5

    Hi to all! need help with sony vaio svf15

    thanks rehabman! Now hd4400 with Qe/cI, have brightness slider in panel. and can change de brightnes level , but still have de 2ºproblem. .. Aplied your shutdown patch´s on dsdt ... and continues happen the same. (sorry for delete first porst... don´t know how i do)