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  1. elgipsy

    Big Sur 11.1 DRM issue with Apple Music Videos (sound works)

    Hi all, I recently enabled the iGPU in BIOS and configured it as headless to use my Apple TV for screen mirroring with the following settings: "AAPL,ig-platform-id" using 0B001204 as Device Property and "device-id" using 12040000 as Device Property. All was working and I was even able to play...
  2. elgipsy

    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Big Sur (MSI z87 MPower Max/Haswell) but without success so far. Installation started well but when the system reboots and I have to select the data disk on Clover's boot screen to continue the process, my system reboots straight away and the installation doesn't...
  3. elgipsy

    MSI Z87 (Haswell) unable to upgrade clover past 5122

    Hi, I have tried to upgrade clover to 5123,5124 and 5125 but it never boots (currently still on 5122). I changed aptiomemoryfix.efi to openruntime.efi and added ocquirks.efi+ocquirks.plist to the Eli's drivers folder but when doing this I cannot boot Catalina and end up with a black screen. I...
  4. elgipsy

    Did the Mojave 10.14.1 Update But Lost Audio & Can't Get It Back

    Hi I updated to 10.14.1 but lost sound. I then dowloaded and installed updated Apple ALC and Lilu kexts and rebooted but still no sound. Am I the only one with the issue? Any suggestion on how to fix this(I'm using Clover)? Thanks!
  5. elgipsy

    Problem updating to 10.13.2:loading bar stuck

    Hi, The update didn’t go smoothly this time. Update installed and I arrived on the desktop (checked about this Mac:10.13.2). I then proceeded to instal sound but after the reboot I am stuck on the loading bar(reaching the end then stuck) I used parted magic to change the apfs file though I don’t...
  6. elgipsy

    [Solved] Updated to 10.12.4 ->black screen

    Hi, I tried to update through App Store as usual but this time the update didn't work. Update installs, system reboots, then the Apple logo appears, the bar fills up and then I get a black screen :( I am using iMac 14.1(late 2013) Can someone help me get back to my desktop? Thanks!
  7. elgipsy

    Trouble Installing

    I am currently stuck at the spinning wheel after two trials. The USB works and macOS starts loading; when it reaches the grey screen where normally the install screen should appear, the cursor takes the spinning wheel form and I cannot proceed. I followed the guide but used my config.plist...
  8. elgipsy

    adding OOTB 10.11 compatible USB 3.0 PCIe Cards to buyer's guide of the month

    Hi, Seeing the big issue with USB 3.0 under El Cap, how about adding the ones that work ootb on 10.11?
  9. elgipsy

    guide for dummies: make USB 2 and 3 work with El Capitan

    Hi guys, I am almost done with the update, the only thng that stilll needs tweaking is USB 2 and 3. Actually even under Yosemite, I never maanged to have them all working but at least all the 2 were working and some 3. Under El Cap, it's some 2 and no 3 at all. I do not have access to a...
  10. elgipsy

    plist request

    Hi, I have a big request... Could someone create me a config.plist based on the standard plist found in the Clover install guide? Just the basic arguments to install Yosemite and RT variables(I will of course add my ID's) I am aking because apparently mine is broken and I cant install ElCap. I...
  11. elgipsy

    toleda's Audio Installation Not Installing in El Capitan for me

    I am going mad now lol. Decided to give ElCap another go.. As always, no problem to update from Yosemite, then comes the time when I need to update the sound using Toledo's patch and badaboom, still not able to get sound on the new OS X. From Yosemite, I updated Clover, copied SMC and LAN...
  12. elgipsy

    Dual boot issue; hid legacy partition and cant boot os x

    Hi, I was trying to hide unnecessary partitions at clover boot (dual booting Yosemite and windows 7) and after some research, I applied this change (red square in pic) to my plist with clover configurator. After rebooting, I only see OS X disk, OS X recovery and Windows but when I try to...
  13. elgipsy

    UEFIPatch or nullcpupowermanagement kext

    HI, I am about to rebuild my hack (due to random reboots and USB acting weird; sometimes not working sometimes USB3 recognised as 2...) and I have a question concerning power management about the best route to go. Currently, I use a modified version of my bios with PMPatch and no...
  14. elgipsy

    Random reboots

    Hi all, I have an issue that I don't know how to solve... my hack suffers from random restarts, sometimes it doesn't happen for days, sometimes twice a day. It can happen by opening safari, finder etc, there is no clear pattern: Here is the report that is generated, can someone have a look and...
  15. elgipsy

    Prohibited sign after enabling trim-yosemite

    hi, after updating mavericks to yosemite on a macbook(on a self installed ssd) i wanted to enable trim on the ssd. Trim enabler has not yet been updated so i used multibeast 7.0. I just enabled trim, then rebooted. Since then, the mac hangs at the apple logo at boot, then switches to the...
  16. elgipsy

    [Success] Haswell ATX: MSI Z87 MPower Max - i7 4770k - GTX 550 TI

    elgipsy's Build: MSI Z87 MPower Max - i7 4770k - GTX 550 TI Comments Case: Antec Solo II Motherboard: MSI Mpower Max z87 Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K Graphics...
  17. elgipsy

    Sandisk Extreme II 120 GB: enable trim or not

    Dear all, I have browsed the forum but I am struggling to find a straight answer to a couple of questions I have, hence this thread. I have purchased a Sandisk Extreme II 120GB SSD as the Sandisk series was recommended by buyer's guide. Up until the guide of March 2014 the...
  18. elgipsy

    first hackintosh attempt

    Hi, I recently had to buy a new rig and boy it was a tough choice..... buying a mac, staying on pc... well i guess that when we strat osting here we are all sort of on the same boat. The only thing that prevented me from buying a mac is its price sadly:( Then I started browsing the web to see...