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  1. trosky66

    Ssd Samsung 980 Pro and Catalina

    The new ssd Samsung 980 pro works with catalina or not? what do you think?
  2. trosky66

    usb ports no works

    Why usb ports no works?
  3. trosky66

    tp-link Archer T9E wifi card not fast

    this native wifi card is not very fast in internet. maximum 20-22 mb. why?
  4. trosky66

    GIGABYTE z490 master is compatible?

    this motherboard is compatible with catalina 10.15.5? regards
  5. trosky66

    Audio no work

    after installation of multibeast 12 audio no works. can you help me?
  6. trosky66

    Multibeast 12 and catalina no start

    After install multibeast 12 no loading after the apple. My hardware is in signature. My bios setting is: v-d disabled superIO disabled XHCI Handoff enabled IOPIC disabled OS other Internal Grafic Card disabled My bios firmware is F11c
  7. trosky66

    Gigabyte aorus rx5700 xt not working

    The graphic card gigabyte rx aorus 5700xt no working. can you help me?
  8. trosky66

    Gigabyte rx 5700xt on gigabyte z390 master

    The graphic card Gigabyte rx 5700xt is a pci express 4.0 works on the motherbord gigabyte z390 master?
  9. trosky66

    CPU Intel I9 9900KS compatibility

    The cpu Intel i9 9900ks is compatible?
  10. trosky66

    Unibeast 10 not install clover bootloader

    Unibeast when install clover bootloader crash and no complete the installation.
  11. trosky66

    Intel i9 - 9900ks is compatible?

    Intel cpu i9 - 9900ks is compatible?
  12. trosky66

    Unibeast 10 for catalina?

    When unibeast 10?
  13. trosky66

    Any news for unibeast for mojave?

    Any news for unibeast for mojave?
  14. trosky66

    Msi z270 Xpower gaming titanium help!!!!

    Hi I have this mother board and no working with high Sierra. I have many problems for configuration the bios. My old gigabyte mother board was very easy. Fan you help me? Thank you
  15. trosky66

    Amd rx580 and sierra 10.12.6

    after installation the OS X no start stop with the apple Can you help me?
  16. trosky66

    NO graphics acceleration for gigabyte z170x ud5 TH

    I have no graphics acceleration in this motherboard. The nvidia web driver no works. can you help me?
  17. trosky66

    NO AUDIO for gigabyte z170x ud5 TH

    hi I have no audio for this motherboard. can you help me?
  18. trosky66

    el capitan post install tools NO START

    hi after installation the system not start. after the white apple restart again. I have installed UEFI clover file. can you help me? than you
  19. trosky66

    Gigabyte gtx 980 and unibeast 6.0

    When start the boot with unibeast 6.0 I don't have possibility the insert the command "nv_disable=1". Which is the solution?