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  1. kelskafoss

    Update to Big Sur from Mojave? Or Do Catalina First?

    I'm considering this update from Mojave. Would it be wiser to go to Catalina first or right to Big Sur? Using trashcan MacPro system definition
  2. kelskafoss

    Losing ALL USB after random period of time

    Hi, I was stable for so long, since sometime in February. Everything had been running perfectly. I haven't tinkered or updated or anything, when I started getting a strange issue. After usually around 30-60 minutes I lose ALL USB functionality. I'll be streaming a video and the keyboard and...
  3. kelskafoss

    RX580 gradient banding on second display

    I've encountered an issue! I added a second monitor, AOC U2790VQ 27" 4K, and am experiencing color banding in gradients. 10-bit color mode is showing as enabled, just as for the first monitor, but it's clearly not actually displaying 10 bit color. The monitor appears completely normal in Windows...