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  1. phunguss

    I need help about my build

    It might work, but it is on par with the HD4600 graphics in the CPU.
  2. phunguss

    need help about my build

    Yes, the uhd630 is better than a GT710, but it depends on whether your CPU has the iGPU available or not.
  3. phunguss

    EVGA GT 710 2GB DDR3 for $43.59 - An alternative to sky high AMD graphics card prices

    The Ethereum DAG file reached 4Gb in December 2020, so mining ETH with 4GB cards is no longer possible. There are some shady workarounds with diminishing returns. The prices of 4GB cards should not be affected as miners should be buying 6Gb or greater cards.
  4. phunguss

    EVGA GT 710 2GB DDR3 for $43.59 - An alternative to sky high AMD graphics card prices

    And the VGA port does work on these, even in Catalina. I use the VGA to drive the display in my Macintosh Classic II Color+ Conversion.
  5. phunguss

    Mac mini in G4 Cube?

    1. The old mac mini with acrylic/alum easily fits inside, and the power brick should fit with it as well. 2. The newer alum only mini has the power supply inside, and the case is equal or slightly larger than a cube acryllic, so you would have to gut the mini to fit it inside the cube. I...
  6. phunguss

    Hackintosh Xeon E5 v3 or V4 ES sample dual or single?

    I have an e5-2696 v3 (18 core) on a mini-ITX with R9 Nano, 600w PSU. The build of my Mac Pro Jr. is here. Single core benchmarks are sorta lame (2.3Ghz), I love the multicore. I primarily use it to transcode, as the recent handbrake will max out all my cores. I am running Catalina and Mojave...
  7. phunguss

    Sony Vaio Z Series - cannot install macOS anymore

    Maybe your install media cert expired on 1 Jan 2021? High Sierra support ends in 2021. Try rolling your bios date back. Before you install, set the clock on the Mac to a date when the certificate was valid, perform the install, and then reset the date back after installation. To change the...
  8. phunguss

    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    I have never used a pico. But if you go with the dual, I have used one of these to sync (turn on) two power supplies at once. It just links the 'on' pins to both PSUs. Based on that, you could probably just hotwire (solder) them together on your own.
  9. phunguss

    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    If you need a monster, this 600w Flex will fit inside a standard Apple Cube, with Mini-ITX motherboard and ITX length GPU. I used this one in my Mac Pro Jr. e5-2696v3 (18 core) mini-ITX and R9 Nano that draws 350w on its own.
  10. phunguss

    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    Yes, I have one that does not power on. I have not done any troubleshooting with it yet, so I don't know the extent of if it is really damaged, or maybe I am doing something wrong. I will have to have a 2nd look at it. On eBay, log in, search, then save the search. Go under your saved...
  11. phunguss

    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    Just be patient. There apparently are not a lot of them out there... I keep a search active on eBay, and when one pops up, make a bid. I currently have 5 Gigabyte on hand, one just developed a power issue where it won't turn on. But the other 4 I had to snipe and grab when I could. I have...
  12. phunguss

    [WIP] 2006 20" iMac Intel case mod.

    I don't see any reason why not. I used a standard PCIE video card to drive a controller board to run the color display in my original Classic II color conversion.
  13. phunguss

    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    There are two additional ROUND holes in the I/O panel that you may not need. I added them for wifi antennas. You may want to close them unless you need them for ventilation. The top hole is power, so the 2nd one down is antenna, and the one next to the lock slot is antenna. You can probably...
  14. phunguss

    Force RGB Mode Pink Tint Magenta hue Big Sur?

    Reboot into recovery mode (⌘-R at boot). Mount your main disk (enter Disk Utility, select the gray Macintosh HD, click Mount, provide your password, close Disk Utility). Open up a terminal (Utilities -> Terminal), backup the overrides directory, copy in your new override file, and reboot: cd...
  15. phunguss

    [Success]GA-B250M-DS3H Big Sur installation

    1. Open Hackintool 2. Go to the Displays tab 3. Make the appropriate selections from the bottom section (check marks, pulldown, etc) 4. Click on the Export icon (page with Right Arrow on it), this will drop them on your desktop. The idea is from this link, creating a new EDID inject. Instead...
  16. phunguss

    GT 710(GK208) Hardware Acceleration

    It was setup in February 2020, not updated, so kexts might be old, clover version may be older. I tried to clear my serial out, but with newer cloverconfigurator, not sure if it messes with anything the old version can't handle. Good luck!
  17. phunguss

    [Success]GA-B250M-DS3H Big Sur installation

    So are you going to use your GT 710 or iGPU, I don't think you can use both? HDMI or DVI on the GT 710?
  18. phunguss

    Solved > help installing macOS 10.9

    Depending on the age of your hardware, OpenCore boasts compatibility back to 10.4. Does OpenCore only support limited versions of macOS As of OpenCore 0.6.2, you can now boot every Intel version of macOS going all the way back to OS X 10.4! Proper support however will depend on your hardware...
  19. phunguss

    [Success]GA-B250M-DS3H Big Sur installation

    I don't think the issue is of the GPU or iGPU, it is an issue of the monitor. Big Sur will run fine on HD4000 graphics, which is way older than hd 630. From what I have observed, this purple mostly appears over HDMI. I have not played with Hackintool on OC yet either.
  20. phunguss

    [Success]GA-B250M-DS3H Big Sur installation

    So the pink, or as I call it purple, is a common problem in MacOS. There is a patch script out there, but it didn't work for me on Mojave/Catalina. This is due to monitor EDID information passed back to MacOS upon initialization. I found a hack to force it from YPbPr color space to RGB color...