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  1. 1234swq

    [Solved] Wifi not working after 10.12.1

    we all get it.
  2. 1234swq

    [Solved] All USB ports not working after Update to High Sierra

    I knew it! the USBInjectAll was the problem!!
  3. 1234swq

    Hackintosh Laptop Keyboard and trackpad not working

    how to I download the voodoops2controller.kext on my finished hackintosh?
  4. 1234swq

    USB Start-up Problem (aka the Audio problem)

    Hey guys, I figured out the cause and the fix. Put your mouse and keyboard in a usb 2.0 port. the cause (for me) was a graphic driver interfering with the usb ports. welcammee
  5. 1234swq

    Dell Precision 15 5000 Series (5510)?

    Could you get me the drivers for the keyboard, touchpad, wifi m.2 card, and the thunderbolt drivers?? I really need them. much appreciated :smile:
  6. 1234swq

    The Quest For The Sexiest Hackintosh Gaming Laptop

    What is your budget?
  7. 1234swq

    Solved > Stuck on language can't move to choose

    So, could you tell me what solution to do out of all of them that are in the links??
  8. 1234swq

    Solved > Stuck on language can't move to choose

    It doesn't. So what does that mean? lost connection with usb drive? but also the light is still on on the usb.. It's in a usb 2.0 port.
  9. 1234swq

    [Solved] "Prohibited" or "Stop" sign when booting USB installer

    the motherboard is the dell precision 15 (5510) motherboard system board wvdx2
  10. 1234swq

    Solved > Stuck on language can't move to choose

    Hey I had the exact same problem and I tried getting a apple keyboard and magic mouse but it didn't work.. the mouse was stuck in the corner. Here are my specs of my Precision 5510 dell laptop. i7-6820hq 8cores upgraded version of the cpu quadro M1000M and here is my product code, H43BHC2 I need...
  11. 1234swq

    MacOS: Light Mode or Dark Mode?

    join the darkside!!! :beachball:
  12. 1234swq

    "000000.841844 AppleUSBLegacyRoot@: AppleUSBLegacyRoot::init: enabling legacy matching" while trying

    By the way, if you are having problems in Mojave this solution by going into settings > pci devices > and then check off usb ownership it works too!
  13. 1234swq

    Newbie- Having Trouble Installing Mojave

    I have also countered this problem, If you haven't tried any of the suggestions above, try them. If you tried all of the suggestions and none of them are working, try formatting your hard drive.