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  1. trent9645

    GPU Performance Issues

    Hey everyone, I recently bought the Titan X and I get graphics on Yosemite; however, when I run a GPU benchmark on Yosemite and on Windows 10 the score is around double on Windows than it is on Yosemite. I have installed the latest Nvidia Web Driver for the Titan X. Am I missing something? How...
  2. trent9645

    Need PCI-E USB 3.0 Card

    Need to know PCI-E USB 3.0 cards that work natively in Yosemite. No kexts needed.
  3. trent9645

    Yosemite USB 3.0 problem

    I've been looking to update my GPU for awhile now from the 970 to the Titan X but I've read that you have to have Yosemite or El Capitan fully running to support the Titan X. I have Mavericks running completely right now and trying to get everything working on a test drive with Yosemite and I...
  4. trent9645

    Titan X and El Capitan

    Will the Titan X work with Sabertooth x79 running El Capitan? Or is the Titan X currently only compatible with Yosemite? Everything I find isn't giving me a specific answer. Thanks
  5. trent9645

    Titan X

    Is the Titan X compatible with Hackintosh? I'm currently running Mavericks and running a GTX 670 and looking to upgrade. Does the Titan X provide better performance in Adobe Premiere CS6?? Can't seem to find much on this topic so decided to make a thread. Thanks