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  1. canyondust

    Z170-UD5 TH Native SSDT-5 (sensrhub) Errors

    I've been trying to dive deeper into SSDT understanding, and I dumped the native SSDTs for my motherboard (Z170-UD5 TH, BIOS F22g) And this native SSDT throws errors when decompiled and recompiled. (I don't think it is causing problems with the system, but just in case...) Thoughts?
  2. canyondust

    Slow boot after HFS+ to APFS because of bless problem?

    Hi! I just converted my HFS+ system drive to APFS (samsung 950 evo, trim enabled). Like on a real mac, boot times can be dramatically improved by making sure your intended boot volume is selected as the start up disk, so I went to check and do that. It was NOT selected as the startup disk, and...
  3. canyondust

    Successfully patched Z170X-UD5 TH CFG Lock (MSR Ex02)

    I was able to patch the bios to disable CFG Lock (MSR Ex02) to enable native power management, and whatever else OSX needs it for. I did this following the directions here: Not sure what else that register is used for but hey, another successful...
  4. canyondust

    Videos don't play after wake from sleep.

    Finally got sleep working via Piker Alpha's sleep SSDT But now it seems when I wake from sleep, I cannot play videos in Safari, Firefox, or VLC. Does this sound familiar to anyone? -D
  5. canyondust

    What are the actual benefits of unlocked 0xE2 MSR register?

    I've been using Aptiomemoryfix.efi ( and there are instructions on how to unlock a locked 0xE2 MSR register, and it looks to be compatible with my MB (Having run the first few steps). Before I go all the way through to patch the register on my MB, what is...
  6. canyondust

    SSDT syntax error

    I'm a total n00b trying to apply principles from someone else's build into mine (pcie renaming to get my Z170 build more inline with a true imac 17,1) So what am I missing here (syntax-wise) DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 1, "Z170", "PCI-Inject", 0x00000000) { External...
  7. canyondust

    BCM943602CS 802.11AC+BT 39.99 USD

    I bought one of these and it’s legit. 39.99USD for OOB WiFi, BT, Handoff/continuity, everything.
  8. canyondust

    USB-C to HDMI

    Hi All! Just figured I'd tell people of my findings: I'm currently running a Z170X-UD5 TH MB that has combo USB-C 3.1 / Thunderbolt 3 ports. My current monitors are onboard HDMI 2.0 driving a 4K screen Displaylink USB3 to HDMI driving a 1080P screen. I tried adding a 3rd screen via the USB-C to...
  9. canyondust

    Extra Win EFI after win10 update

    im running a clover dual boot 10.11.6 and Windows 10 system. I just did a major windows update, and it froze a couple of times so I took out the OSX/clover drive and updated the windows drive like one would a regular PC. Now with clover back in the machine, I have two windows EFIs and I can't...
  10. canyondust

    Changed Win10 res to 4K60p now I'm stuck. how to Safe mode in clover?

    Heyya! I changed my display to 4K60p (Intel HD530) and now it's stuck on a black screen. I'm on windows 10 and can't seem to get it to boot into safe mode. Any clues? (and or what file I have to delete on the windows partition to reset the screen resolution to the boot default?) Cheers!
  11. canyondust

    Intel 530 4K60hz mac side stable, Win10 not

    Have a 6700k / Z170X-UD5 TH build and it's fantastic. I performed the IOKit.patcher command to get 4K @60hz running out of the built in HDMI2.0 port. Works perfectly well on the 10.11.5. However, when I boot into windows 10 and set 4k with refresh of 60hz, the monitor (Samsung U28E590D) drops...