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  1. FaserF

    Dell E7450 Post Installation Issues (Black Screen on boot, sound, touchpad)

    Hi, I have successfully installed MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 on my Dell E7450. Now I have to following issue, I hope someone can have a look into them: - When I try booting my macos wont boot anymore. I have to go to the clover settings and disable booting with the ACPI and SSDT Files. Then I...
  2. FaserF

    MacOS High Sierra Installer wont finish booting (Dell Latitude E7740)

    Hello I've tried to install MacOS High Sierra on my Dell Latitude E7740. It started booting but crashes at some point with this icon. Anybody here who can help me? Config and Pictures are attached. Specs: i7-7600U Samsung SSD PM841 256GB 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz (the rest should be unrelevant)
  3. FaserF

    [Guide] Clevo W650SJ - Intel HD 4600|Intel i7-4710MQ (MacOS10.12.X)

    What's working? - Booting [Clevo W650SJ] - Display [Intel HD 4600] - Ethernet [Realtek] - Sound [ViaHD Audio] - USB 3.0&2.0 Ports (front & back) - mSATA & SATA HDDs/SSDs - Brighness - Battery Management - Touchpad & onboard Tastatur - Android Tethering from Phone to Hackbook If something isnt...
  4. FaserF

    [SUCCESS] Dell Precision T5500 - Quadro4000|Xeon X5680 (MacOS10.12.X)

    What's working? - Booting [Dell T5500] - Display [Nvidia Quadro 4000] - Ethernet [Broadcom 5754 Gigabit Controller] - Sound [ADI 198x Integrated HD Audio] - USB Ports (front & back) - all HDDs (SAS are also being recognized) - Sleep If something isnt listed here I have just not tested it yet...
  5. FaserF

    No Sound & Network (Dell Precision T5500 - Broadcom 57XX Gigabit)

    Ive got some issues left on my Hackintosh. The main features are working, but I would be happy for any help with the issues that are still there. What's not working? - Sound [ADI 198x Integrated HD Audio] - FIXED - Ethernet [Broadcom 5754 Gigabit Controller] - FIXED What's working? - Booting -...
  6. FaserF

    Dell Precision T5500 + Quadro 4000 doesnt boot after Installation

    Hi all, I have got an issue. I've successfully installed MacOS 10.12.2 on my HDD on the T5500. Now I've tried to boot it and it's stuck while booting. Looks to me like a graphics card issue. Can someone help me? I've tried to boot it with "InjectNvidia npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=0...
  7. FaserF

    Intel HD 4600 Graphics post installation won't work correctly

    Hi out there. I have successfully installed my hackintosh a while ago. Now I have got a GTX 1070 and have to use my integrated Graphics of my i7-4790K for MacOS. But unfortunately I don't get the correct resolution (1920x1080) and my overall experience is pretty laggy because of the Graphics...