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  1. scottkendall

    (Solved) Odd Desktop Behavior.

    Seems like it began around 11.2.0 and became more apparent with 11.2.1 But safari will stop responding to the mouse, the desktop right-click will not work though if I do ctrl-click it seems to bring up the menu, and the latest is my desktop icons disappearing. It appears like it is going down...
  2. scottkendall

    Black Screen Patch

    @esafeddie Any idea how to make the old black screen patchwork in Big Sur? <key>Find</key> <data>Ym9hcmQtaWQ=</data> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy</string> <key>Replace</key> <data>Ym9hcmQtaXg=</data> <key>Disabled</key> <false/> <key>Comment</key>...
  3. scottkendall

    Z97 chip set with Big Sur.

    you already have a post about this do not double post.
  4. scottkendall

    Debate - NVidia, AMD and Apple

    What should be alarming to you that nvidia did not care enough about the users to make a proper driver or allow Apple to make the driver. Apple only barred them after. No one will ever know the whole truth. But nvidia high Sierra web driver caused lots of issues that nvidia could not or would...
  5. scottkendall

    Thunderbolt 3 Modified Firmware Custom SSDT Discussion

    GC Alpine Ridge: Modified firmware based on OSY method, and custom SSDT by @NorthAmTransAm & DSM2 code for DSB2 and USB. "REQUIRED" 3 & 5 pin Jumper for force power; TB HDR cable causes thunderbolt to not function. Behavior: Plug on Warm/Cold Boot, Hot Plug, eGPU, Sleep without ejecting...
  6. scottkendall

    My laptop reconecting after installed Mojave

    Check in laptop support near the bottom.
  7. scottkendall

    Removing pictures from iCloud to only saved on computer.

    How do you remove photos from iCloud sync and have them save on the computer they always seem to reappear in the iCloud sync.
  8. scottkendall

    Keyboard/Mouse disconnects

    Sometimes I will just be typing and letters will stop showing up on the screen, and the mouse would not work. I put the mouse on a logi Tech BT dongle and all is fine with the mouse. I have disabled 2ghz wifi in my house on all my routers, though I did not have this issue with my Mac Pro or...
  9. scottkendall

    Issues booting with Fenvi 1200M installed

    Today I took sometime to run some tests on my test system, because when I have the Fenvi 1200m card installed it does not reliably boot unless I use OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000. If I remove the Fenvi card and put OsxAptioFix3drv with slide=0 seems to boot without issue every time. The system in...
  10. scottkendall

    BT Keyboard @ Boot

    Is there a way to make my BT keyboard work at boot at least for Clover? Pretty sure it is this card I have: pc-hackintosh-apple-broadcom-bcm94360cd-802-11-a-b-g-n-ac-with-bluetooth-4-0
  11. scottkendall

    Dual 4k Monitors

    After a lot of help from @pastrychef and some Input from some others, I have been able to deturmin that my crashes are caused by having dual 4K Monitors plugged in. No Crashes with only one, No crashes with 2 video cards one monitor on each "that broke a bunch of stuff" fixed the crashes...
  12. scottkendall

    System Freezes; Screens go to one black one white. (Solved)

    Hello @pastrychef I am making a post as suggested that I do System Freezes; Screens go to one black one white/gray. This has been on on going issue for me for a while and it seems to happen the most when playing world of warcraft, using iTunes for music/movies. I find that If I have a bunch...
  13. scottkendall

    Need Advice on Which RX Vega Graphics Card To Get for HS & Mojave

    After emulating Windows for years and the improvements in Ethernet speeds, I have decided that it would just be easier to maintain a Windows machine and just use it from Windows Remote Desktop application for my Revit needs. Since just about anything works with Windows, I wanted to upgrade my...
  14. scottkendall

    MSI Vega 64

    Saw this today dam near MSRP!
  15. scottkendall

    Wifi & bluetooth working - Handoff not workting

    I have this card: I removed the Onboard module and Installed the card above, both the bluetooth and WIFI work but I can not seem to get handoff to work are there anything other then...
  16. scottkendall

    What is Best Vega 64 for Hackintosh!

    What vega 64 card would be the closest to apple or work the best in a Hackintosh. The Gigabyte Vega 64 OC Gaming I have always crashes the video driver or at least thats how it appears. The same system with 970 installed works great at least as great as a 970 can be.
  17. scottkendall

    [Solved] Hard Freezes & Random Reboots High Sierra!

    I have for the past five years been working with a late2013 Mac Pro but it is a bit slow when running 4k monitors, I have installed OSX on a few systems messing around. This new rig is my first Hack where it was meant to be my primary workstation. Overall it runs mostly fine and crashes can be...
  18. scottkendall

    HS Fresh install 13.4 -verbose does not work!

    Currently my system is running 13.4 but it randomly freezes, & reboots I want to install a a fresh copy on a 7200RPM HDD just to avoid APFS all together. However, I can not get HS to install I boot USB choose the install HS option. If I choose -Verbose it shows text till End randomseed...
  19. scottkendall

    Can not boot from hard drive Corsair Force 3 120 SSD

    As the title says I am unable to boot from that drive, I am very specific about the drive because I am able to boot the same system with a Kingston HyperX 120 SSD. In addition I was also able to boot the system from 1TB Samsung 860 E60 Evo. It seems like for some reason the EFI is not...
  20. scottkendall

    [Solved] Imessage

    Hello, I tried both of the guides here on tonymac, and some other guides on other page I think I following the steps correctly. However, when I get to the end and run imessage debug I get The following: Model: iMac18,3 Board-id: Mac-BE088AF8C5EB4FA2 SerialNumber: C02VQOQTJ1GJ Hardware UUID...