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  1. Tatakun1986

    [help] Dell Optiplex 7060 w/Intel HD 630 graphics

    Solved, I managed to successfully install Mojave. I got some graphical issues with some apps like Logic Pro X, Safari & Google Chrome, USB 3 does not work but everything else works fine
  2. Tatakun1986

    [help] Dell Optiplex 7060 w/Intel HD 630 graphics

    Hi everyone, I have a Dell Optiplex 7060 core i7-8700 with AMD Radeon R5 430, I have installed Mojave using @Deleted Member 1960428's EFI partition but I cannot come back. Installed USB 3.0 third party kext,FakeSMC.kext and UEFI Boot Loader from Multibeast. Hope someone can help
  3. Tatakun1986

    Trouble installing High Sierra on Dell Precision T3610

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help me out I'm trying to instal High Sierra to my Dell Precision T3610, reach the installer but restarts after 1% Tried boot flags: 1 dart=0 nv_disable=1 - reaches applle logo but restarts after 1% of loading bar 2 -v drat=0 nv_disable=1 - loads a bunch of...