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  1. Bliepjes

    New Apple Silicon Macs: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini

    I say we have a few years ahead where modern Mac hardware and PC hardware must be supported for a few years. But the point is simple; if they own the hardware manufacturing, a hackintosh is simply pointless in the future unless there is some smarty-pants that can reverse-engineer their hardware.
  2. Bliepjes

    [README] Common (some unsolved) Problems in 10.12 Sierra

    Hi guys! I upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra using Clover, and got the wifi error where my WiFi was working but didn't find any networks to connect with. After whitelisting the card (Broadcom) using Rehabman's method in this post, I started to see networks but couldn't connect to any of them...
  3. Bliepjes

    [Solved] Monitor Color bug - possible Nvidia driver issue (+fix)

    Specs: El Capitan 10.11.5 Nvidia GTX 760 (Webdriver) Just now I updated the new Nvidia Webdriver (27th may 2016), and my system crashed after I played a video in my browser and the flashplayer plugin returned an error. I rebooted and the colors on my monitor were completely off (all that is...